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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 198 - Son Goku Makes it to the Final Round.  Goku Vs. Paikuhan

Version: Japanese-subbed
Title: Son Goku makes it to the final round. Goku Vs. Paikuhan. - 198
Name: Goten6641

The Semi Final Rounds of the Annoyachi Budokai have begun. Goku is ready to fight the dinosaur fighter, Maraiko. The match begins, and they seem to have an even fight. Their fight even carries on into the little planet things in the sky. Goku eventually throws Maraiko out of the ring and wins the fight.  The next match is between Tolby and Paikuhan. Goku seems to already know who is going to win, and he goes and eats. Meanwhile, East Kaio is making all her students run around like crazy (she is really cruel). Back at the tournament, Goku continues eating. A few bashes are heard, and Tolby is seen being carried away in a stretcher. Paikuhan has won the fight.

The Final Match is ready to begin...Son Goku Versus Paikuhan. Goku continues eating, until North Kaio pulls him into the ring. The battle begins between Goku and Paikuhan.  The battle is very even. Eventually, Paikuhan takes off his weighted clothing, so Goku powers up to Super Saiya-jin form. The battle is ready to resume with both of them at full power. The episode ends.


Episode #183: Final Round

Goku is fighting in the semi-finals of the Other World Tournament against the
dinosaur-looking fighter, Maraikoh. They charge at each other, but neither
one can hit each other. Pikkon thinks to himself that Goku lacks focus.
Maraikoh finally hits Goku and sends him flying through some meteors, but
Goku recovers and flies toward Maraikoh, who grabs a large meteor and
prepares to throw it at Goku. Suddenly, Goku fires an energy beam that blows
the meteor into pieces. Maraikoh hides himself, but Goku senses his energy
and kicks him hard. Then, Goku grabs his tail and throws him out of the ring.
Goku wins the match!

Pikkon observes Goku, looking forward to fighting him. King Kai insults West
Kai because his student lost, but West Kai says he told Maraikoh to throw the
fight because he didn't think it was fair for both of the remaining fighters
to be his students. King Kai gets mad, and the two argue about whether Goku
or Pikkon will win the fight. Then, West Kai makes a bet. If Goku beats
Pikkon, he'll give King Kai his planet. King Kai says if Pikkon wins, he'll
become West Kai's students. Goku walks towards King Kai, but his stomach
suddenly growls. Grand Kai laughs and shows Goku some food that was cooked
for him. Pikkon is about to fight his opponent. King Kai wants Goku to watch,
but Goku says that he knows who will win.
Meanwhile, East Kai is making her students run laps for losing their fights.

Pikkon defeats his opponent, and waits to fight Goku in the Final Round.
However, Goku is still eating. King Kai drags him towards the ring. East Kai
leaves her students to see the finals. The fight begins. Goku hits Pikkon a
few times, but Pikkon doesn't flinch. Goku tells him to block when he uses
his real strength, but Pikkon suddenly punches Goku. Goku recovers, and the
two start firing a series of blasts at each other. Goku and Pikkon both have
energy beams following them. They fly towards each other and go up at the
last second, making the beams hit each other and explode. Both fighters land,
and there's a struggle. Goku pushes Pikkon towards the edge, but Pikkon
taunts Goku and pushes him back a little. Pikkon wonders why he can't push
Goku back any farther. Pikkon tries to kick Goku, but Goku dodges it at the
last second.

Pikkon tells Goku that he's impressed, then removes his weighted clothing.
Goku picks it up and tells Pikkon about Piccolo and how he wears weighted
clothes for training too. Goku tosses the clothes aside and powers up to
Super Saiyan. The two stand ready to fight each other. - Mwfillman

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