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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 197 - Hold that breath!  The Son Goku Hurricane

Series: Dragon Ball Z
Version: Japanese - subbed
Title: “Hold that breath! The Son Goku Hurricane.”
Name: Goten6641

The Annoyachi Budokai (Heaven Tournament) continues. The mushroom headed announcer says declares that the Final Rounds are beginning. 8 fighters have made it to the finals, and here they are:

North Kaio’s Students: Son Goku, Olive

South Kaio’s Students: Tolby, Frog

West Kaio’s Students: Paikuhan, Tapika, Maraiko

East Kaio’s Students: Aqua

The first match is about to begin. Tapika versus Tolby. Tapika is a very small cat creature. Tolby is a red creature that has little miniature Cell wings (he looks cool). Before the match begins, Tapika shows off his speed, and he runs around the arena at extremely high speed, impressing everyone.  The match begins, and Tapika starts running around again, which freaks Tolby out. Tapika suddenly stops, and he forfeits, having lost his breath. Everyone falls over, classic anime style. West Kaio makes an excuse, saying that the ring was too big for Tapika.

The second match has begun. Frog versus Maraiko. Frog is a frog man in Greek clothing (he looks kinda like Kermit the Frog). Maraiko is a dinosaur guy (he looks sort of like Giran, who appeared in Dragon Ball). Frog is losing the match, so he begins growing HUGE and fat. Eventually, Maraiko begins to get slowly pushed out of the ring. Frog has grown bigger than the ring. Maraiko suddenly lifts up Frog with his great strength, and he hurls Frog into the air. Frog slams into a little planet above the ring, and he loses his air, returning to his normal size. Frog lands outside of the ring. Maraiko wins.

The next match is between Goku and Aqua (a fish man, who looks very sad).  East Kaio seems to be very mean to her students, and she yells at him, telling him to win. This is probably why Aqua always looks so sad. The match begins, and Aqua just stands there as Goku kicks him into the air. East Kaio tells Aqua to use his special technique. Aqua makes the ring turn into an aquatic ring. Goku holds his breath in the water. Aqua dives into the water, and starts beating up Goku for a while. Goku soon uses Taiyoken (Solar Flare for you American DBZ fans), and blinds Aqua. Goku leaps out of the water, and fires a KameHameHa in. The ring returns to normal, and Aqua lands out of the ring. Goku wins the match. East Kaio starts yelling at Aqua, until Goku comes in and tells Aqua that he did well. Goku says that they will fight again.  Aqua say, “Next time I will win.” Goku nods, and Aqua smiles for the first time. East Kaio begins yelling at Aqua again, and he quickly becomes depressed.

Match 4 is between Olive and Paikuhan. The match begins, and they have a REALLY fast paced fight. After a large and speedy fight, one of the warriors slams into a wall. The warrior is Olive. Paikuhan has won the match. Olive steps into the ring, and says that he admits defeat. Paikuhan smiles, and they shake hands. The episode ends.

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