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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 196 - An Assembly of Fighters from all Era's ... Goku enters Dai-Kaio's tournament"

Series: Dragon Ball Z
Version: Japanese - subbed
Title: “An Assembly of fighters from all Era’s...Goku enters Dai-Kaio’s tournament.”
Name: Goten6641

Son Goku and North Kaio are walking along in Heaven, and Goku is excited about Paikuhan’s great power that he displayed in the last episode. Kaio reminds Goku that there is plenty of other strong fighters in the after life.  Kaio brings Goku to a little house, and calls out a HUGE group of warriors that he had trained before Goku. He introduces Goku to 3 of them (a dog warrior, some weird looking guy named Saade, and a Hercules looking guy named Olive). Kaio explains to Goku that all these warriors have been training for hundreds or even thousands of years just for the chance to get trained by Dai Kaio. Suddenly, South Kaio, East Kaio, and West Kaio come skipping in. West Kaio is short Kaio with a monacle. East Kaio is a fat, female Kaio. South Kaio is a tall Kaio. They all make fun of North Kaio for being dead. After a while, they decide to hold a tournament to see who the best fighter in Heaven is.

North Kaio, East Kaio, South Kaio, West Kaio, and their thousands of students arrive at Dai Kaio’s mansion. They ask him if they can hold a tournament, and he happily agrees. Dai Kaio tells them to follow him, and he starts skipping through some halls, followed by the Kaios and their students. They arrive at a large door, which Dai Kaio pushes open, revealing a large room which looks like outer space. Dai Kaio says that the tournament will be held here. Goku is excited about the tournament, but East Kaio tells him that he is new, and shouldn’t be accepted in the tournament. She soon decides to have a race with him, and she says if she wins, Goku can’t enter the tournament, and if Goku wins, he can enter the tournament. East Kaio gets on her hover bike, and the race begins. Goku leaps from asteroid to asteroid, and also flies.  Eventually, they both seem to pass the finish line at the same time, and they find Dai Kaio waiting for them. They ask who the winner is. The winner is....Dai Kaio?!? This angers East Kaio, and she even starts crying.

Later, on a large section of ground floating in the outer space room, the tournament is starting. The announcer is saying his opening comments (the announcer is a man with a mushroom for a head). The tournament is being held in celebration of North Kaio’s death. After Dai Kaio says some opening comments, the tournament begins. The first match is between Olive (the Hercules like guy), and Chapa Chai (an African-American midget with a beard).  Chapa Chai was trained by East Kaio. The match begins, and after a bit of fighting, Chapa Chai splits into multiple clones of himself. They all leap into the air and attack Olive, but Olive dodges them, and the clones slam into each other, and drop to the ground. Olive wins the match. A few more matches pass (you get to see some quick shots of people winning their matches, including Paikuhan). The next match is between Son Goku and Catapee.  Catapee is a large catapillar creature who was trained by South Kaio. The match begins, and Catapee tries to grab Goku, but Goku leaps into the air.  Catapee stretches out his arms and reaches Goku, grabbing him. Catapee begins to tickle Goku, and Goku uncontrollably laughs. South Kaio seems to be very immature, since he taught his students such silly attacks. After a while, Goku powers up, sending Catapee into the air. Catapee lands on the ground with a large thud. Goku thinks Catapee is weak, which makes Catapee mad.  Catapee lies down, and a cacoon appears around him. He has begun his transformation to a very powerful form. The announcer asks South Kaio how long the transformation takes, and the answer is....1200 years. Everyone falls over, classic anime style. Goku wins the match by default. The episode ends.  

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