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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 195 - The Strongest in Hade's.  Goku Confronts the Ginyu Force, Freeza, Cold, and Cell

Series: Dragon Ball Z
Version: Japanese subbed
Episode title: “Goku Confronts the Ginyu Force, Freeza, Cold, and Cell”
Name: Goten6641

Son Goku, North Kaio, Bubbles, and Gregory are on the Serpent Path. Goku wants to get to Heaven, and Kaio says that they have to take an airplane to get there. Eventually, Goku grabs Bubbles and Gregory, and puts his hand on Kaio, and then uses Shunkan Idou to teleport to Lord Enma. Enma is surprised that Goku and Kaio are dead. He allows them to take an airplane to Heaven.  For some reason, Goku and Kaio leave Bubbles and Gregory behind when they take off in the airplane. Goku is impressed by the size of Heaven, and Kaio points out Dai Kaio’s planet.

Goku and Kaio have soon arrived on Heaven, where several dead fighters are training. Kaio explains that there is strong fighters in Heaven just like Goku. They come across Dai Kaio’s mansion, and Kaio checks out Dai Kaio’s blue car (he really wants it). The Western Kaio (he is short and wears a monacle) walks up with his best student, Paikuhan. North Kaio suddenly gets mad. West Kaio starts laughing about Kaio being dead (he saw the halo). West Kaio thought that a Kaio could never die. They get in a fight, and West Kaio challenges North Kaio to let Goku fight Paikuhan. They suddenly hear a voice, and North Kaio, West Kaio, and Paikuhan bow down. Goku is confused. North Kaio gets angry and makes Goku bow down, saying that Dai Kaio is coming. A large fire ball hits the ground in front of them, and Dai Kaio is right in front of them all. Dai Kaio dances for a bit with his boom box, then he turns it off and greets them. Dai Kaio says that recently, Enma has sent Cell down to Hell (it shows a flashback of Enma making Cell fall down a hole into Hell). Dai Kaio adds that Cell and Freeza have teamed up and are causing trouble in Hell, so he assigns Paikuhan to stop them. Goku flies off with Paikuhan, saying that Paikuhan alone can’t defeat Freeza and Cell. Dai Kaio allows Goku to go as well.

Goku and Paikuhan soon arrive in Hell, and they see Goz and Mez (the blue and red ogres) get thrown down. Goz and Mez recognize Goku, and they are glad that he isn’t part of Cell’s group. Cell is stepping on another red ogre’s head, asking him who the master is, the ogre answers, “Cell...”. Cell grabs the ogre, and tosses him toward the Mountain of Needles, but suddenly, the ogre is grabbed by something. Goku is seen holding the ogre. Freeza is surprised to see Goku, and he sends Burter, Jeice, Rikuum, and Guldo at Goku.  Goku powers up and easily defeats each member of the Ginyu Force with one hit each. The Ginyu members plummet into the Pool of Blood. Cell leaps at Goku, and Goku becomes afraid. Paikuhan suddenly leaps in and kicks Cell, then hits him down into the pool of blood. Freeza becomes afraid. Paikuhan floats down and punches Freeza in the face, making him fall to the ground. Paikuhan punches King Cold in the stomach, and he falls to the ground. Paikuhan floats over the Pool of Blood and starts spinning around, causing the Ginyu Force and Cell to get blown into the Mountain of Needles.

Freeza, Cell, King Cold, and the Ginyu Force are seen all bandaged and beat up, and they get locked up in a hellish jail cell. They say, “This is truly Hell.” Goku and Paikuhan stand together on a cliff, and Goku is happy that there is someone stronger than himself in the afterlife. The episode ends  


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