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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 194

  Dragonball Z
    Japanese Episode #194
    Title: I'll protect the Future!!!  Trunks eradicates No.17, No.18 and Cell

    No.17 and No.18 are destroying buildings and killing people for fun,
Trunks returns from the past and enters what's left of the Capsule
Corporation building.  He is greeted by Bulma who then comments that he has
gotten taller since last.  Trunks explains that he trained in the Room of
Spirit and Time were you can train for one year in a single day.  Bulma still
doesn't understand but she is glad that he came back safely.  Trunks tells
Bulma what had happened in the past and is saddened that Gokou is still dead,
but is glad that Gohan could avenge him.  Trunks also told her that Vegita
got pissed off over his death and blasted Cell with hundreds of 'ki' waves. 
This suprised Bulma as well because she never knew that Vegita had that side
to him.  An announcement on the radio tells Trunks and Bulma that the
androids are attacking Parsley Town.  Trunks changes into Ultra Super Saiyan
and heads out after them.  Bulma is concerned, but Trunks tells her that this
is the reason why he went into the past and that this time he will win for
sure.  No.18 is angry over losing a video game and blasts a building out of
fury and No. 17 calls her childish because of this.  An old man tries avenge
his grandson and fires a bullet at No.17's face. 
    No.17 shrugs the bullet off, walks toward the old man (who is firing
repeatedly), and snatches the gun out of his hand.  No.17 takes his gun out
and is about to fire point-blank at the man's face when a 'ki' wave barely
misses him.  Trunks appears in front of the androids, suprising No.17(for
still being alive), and pissing off No.18 (for ruining her fun).  No.18 asks
her bother if she can take him down No.17 says yes.  No.18 fires a 'ki' waves
at Trunks, but Trunks easily dodges it .  He comes from behind No.18 and
punches her sending her sliding on the ground.  No.18 attacks again, but she
can't follow Trunk's movements and gets punched into a building.  No.17 asks
what's wrong with her and No.18 says that she is really pissed off this time.
 Trunks tells the androids that their counterparts from the past weren't this
evil and says that he is going to have to kill the both of them to protect
the future.  Both of them have no idea what he is talking about and attack
together, but are still unable to lay a hand on Trunks.  No.17 gets punched
to the ground and No.18 fires three 'ki' waves at Trunks, but Trunks easily
smacks them aside and disintegrates No.18 with a 'ki' blast to the face.
     No.17 can't believe that Trunk's defeated No.18 and prepares to attack
again but Trunks kicks him in the face sending him to the ground, and then
disintegrates him with one 'ki' blast that creates a huge explosion.  Trunks
says that it's finally over but then realizes that there is still one more
important person to deal with, Cell.  Eigth months later Bulma has finished
recharging the time machine so that Trunks can tell everyone that he defeated
the androids.  Cell is lurking behind a corner spying on Trunks and Bulma,
Trunks senses Cell's 'ki' and tells Bulma to go inside.  At first Bulma
thinks that Trunks has a girlfriend but then realizes that it is something
else and hurries inside.  Trunks tells Cell that he knows about his existance
and goal to absorb No.17 and No.18 in the past by using his time machine. 
Cell can't believe that Trunks knows about him and his intentions, and then
cofronts him.  Cell says that their is no way that he can win because he has
learned from Dr. Gero's spy robots that Trunks is weaker then the androids
who are intern weaker then Cell.  Trunks replies by saying then why are
No.17and No.18 dead? 
    Cell becomes angry and says that now the only way for him to become
complete is to absobed No.17 and No.18 in the past.  Trunks says that your
final form was very powerful but, I am more then powerful enogh to defeat
you.  Trunks says that the humans are rebuilding the city so he doesn't wat
to fight here and then blows Cell out of the city using his 'ki'.  Both
fighters land in the mountains and begin battling but, Trunks easily dodges
all of Cell's attacks and pummels Cell into the ground.  Cell says that he is
Dr. Gero's ultimate android and that there is no way he can be beaten and
attacks with his tail.  Trunks grabs Cell's tail and throws him into the sky,
Cell then prepares to fire Kamehameha, but Trunks fires a huge 'ki' blast
into the sky that disintegrates Cell.  Trunks then says it's finally over and
thanks everyone, especially Goku.


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