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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 191 - The Fight is Over, Thank You Son Gokou!

Hi, I’m doing DBZ episode 191, “The Fight is Over, Thank You Son Gokou!”, Subbed in Japanese. 

The episode begins with Son Gohan and Cell firing their Kamehamehas at each other.  As they clash, the Z Senshi watch from nearby.  They decide it is too dangerous for them there, and take off, with Kuririn carrying the inert Android 18, and Tenshinhan and Yamucha carrying Trunks’ body.  Piccolo hesistates for a moment, then follows them.  Vegeta barely limps away in pain.  The two Kamehamehas are causing the ground around them to crumble.  The sheer force of the blast send both the Z Fighters and Mr. Satan and his crew flying.  Mr. Satan still persists in his belief that it is all a big trick, but his own man asks how he can possibly believe that. 

Up above the Earth, Dende fears the Earth will shatter under the force of the blasts.  At the Son residence, Chichi pleads for Gohan not to die.  Back at the battle field, the war continues.  Cell admits he’s impressed with the kid’s performance, but he will soon win, and puts even more force behind the blast.  Gokou, up in heaven, tells Gohan he can beat Cell, and gives him encouragement.  With enough coaching from his dad, Gohan is able to push Cell’s blast back a little.  Gokou still realizes Gohan is holding back, and tells him to forget about damage to the earth, and concentrate on beating Cell.  On a cliff a mile or so from the battle field, Piccolo can’t stand it anymore, and flies to help Gohan.  Kuririn tries to get him to stop, but to no avail. 

Piccolo flies behind Cell, and fires off a ki attack, but Cell takes it without damage, and blows Piccolo out of the sky, without turning from his Kamehameha stance.  Gohan is angered, and makes his blast larger than Cell’s.  Meanwhile, Tenshinhan and Yamucha decide to help Piccolo, much to Kuririn’s dismay.  After they take off, Kuririn tells 18 he was glad to see her one last time, and follows them.  Vegeta is astonished that they would attempt to attack, even though they don’t stand a chance.  Piccolo gets up and fires his Makkankosappo.  Ten, Yamucha, and Kuririn also land and begin to attack, Ten with his Kikouhou, and Yamucha and Kuririn with their Kamehamehas. 

Cell is annoyed and blows all of them away with a minor ki wave.  This also succeeds in making Gohan angrier.  Gokou keeps telling him to “let his power explode”.  Each of the Z Fighters get up, each reminding themselves of what Gohan and Gokou have done for them.  Vegeta realizes that he is being useless, and gets angry with himself.  Finally, the other Z Senshi are knocked down by Cell’s ki waves again, and are totally spent.  They apoligize to Gohan.  Gohan keeps trying, and Chichi and Gyuumaou pray for him.  Finally, a strong ki attack hits Cell in the back.  Cell looks and is surprised to see Vegeta.  Gokou feels the slight distraction and tells Gohan to finish it.  Gohan pushes his ki to the max and overcomes Cell’s Kamehameha.  Cell starts to disintegrate.  Cell’s last word is “Impossible”, and finally, Gohan’s blast pushes him into space, vaporizing ALL his cells.  Gohan collapses, and Piccolo and the others are proud of him, not to mention Gokou.  The narrator states that Cell is dead, and bids a farewell to Gokou. 

I’m Ottogunn, and that’s my review.


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