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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 187 - Cell's Perfect Body Breaks Down

Hi, this time I'm doing Japanese DBZ Ep 187, “Cell’s Perfect Body Breaks Down”. 

The episode starts with Cell and Gohan facing each other.  The Z warriors are surprised that Gohan is as powerful as he is.  Cell is just as angry.  There’s some meaningless banter between Mr. Satan and his “groupies”, and finally, Gohan starts to advance towards Cell.  He stops right in front of him, just staring straight at him, emotionlessly.  Cell eventually gets REALLY, really angry and throws a couple kicks and punches out, but Gohan blocks them effortlessly.  Finally, Gohan catches Cell’s leg.  Cell can’t get free.  Gohan leaps and plants a roundhouse kick right in Cell’s face, sending him sliding away in the dirt.  Cell staggers to his feet, wondering how in the world the “Saiyajin brat” is more powerful than he is.  Gohan advances towards Cell, still emotionlessly.  Cell forms two Kienzans in each hand and lobs them at Gohan, but the kid blocks both of them with his arms. 

No one can believe it.  Gohan flares his ki slightly, and they shatter.  Cell yells that his best is yet to come, and leaps to the air, putting his fingers to his forehead.  He fires off a Makkankosappo, but again, Gohan simply shows his utter disrespect for Cell’s attacks and slaps it into the atmosphere.  Cell lands and fires off a barrage of ki blasts from his finger.  As the dust clears, it is too obvious that Gohan is still unscathed.  Cell is actually scared now.  He realizes he can’t win.  Gohan stares him in the face again, and he finally snaps.  Jetting into the air, he declares he will destroy the entire planet, and laughs like a madman.  He begins to power a Chou (Ultimate) Kamehameha. 

Vegeta and Piccolo are convinced that Gohan has lost, but strangely, Gohan still remains calm and silent.  Cell fires the Kamehameha at the Earth.  When it is no more than 20 feet from Gohan, the boy whispers  “”.  As the blast is nearly on top of him, he screams  “HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!”  The seemingly smaller blast from the boy pushes Cell’s blast back like nothing.  Cell wonders what is happening until his own Kamehameha comes crashing into him.  Gohan’s Kamehameha suddenly enlarges to nearly twice the size of Cell’s and engulfs him, seemingly sending him into space.  Gohan remains in pose, calmly watching the sky.  Piccolo announces that he can still sense Cell’s ki.  Cell, or what is left of him, slowly floats down in the sky.  He is missing an arm and a leg, and is barely alive.  Piccolo reminds Gokou that Cell can utilize his regeneration ability. 

Gokou shouts for Gohan to deliver the final blow to Cell.  Gohan refuses, bluntly telling his father that Cell deserves to suffer more.  Gokou is astonished that Gohan is this bloodthirsty, and realizes Gohan’s heart is too clouded with hate now.  Cell, meanwhile, strains, and regrows his lost appendages.  Breathing heavily, he stares down into Gohan’s cold expression.  Cell goes absolutely nuts, and powers up, his body becoming enormous.  He lands, and attacks Gohan in earnest, but Gohan evades him with greater ease than before.  Trunks realizes that Cell’s rage has clouded his judgment, and he has sacrificed speed for power.  Gohan lands a few well-placed hits, knocking Cell nearly senseless.  Cell stares forward in a stupor, spit falling from his mouth.  He crumbles to his knees, his body bulging in certain places.  The Z Senshi wonder what is happening, and come to the conclusion Cell can’t maintain his Perfect Body anymore, he’s lost too much power.  Cell then literally pukes Android 18, covered in spit (yum), out of his mouth.  The warriors stare astonished as the episode ends. 

I’m Ottogunn, and that’s the review.

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