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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 161 - Super Vegeta in Danger

This is the DBZ series
Japanese version
Super Vegeta in danger! The completely terror draws near! #161
Krillin is on the ground and he is helpless. Smoke is coming from his back. Krillin says,” All my bones are broken”. Cell is in the air and he is enjoying his new power. Cell tests out his power by kicking and punching in the air. Trunks looks at Krillin and he says, “Dammit!” Trunks flies over to Krillin. Trunks holds Krillin and he digs in his armor for a senzu bean. He makes Krillin eat it and Krillin regains his health. Super Saiyan Vegeta floats behind Cell. Vegeta asks, ”Why would you hurt such an ignorant weakling?” Cell smiles and he tests out his body more. Vegeta smirks and he says, “That’s no big deal. All you did was get a new body!” Cell says with a confident voice, “Okay, are you ready to meet your fate?” Vegeta gets pissed and he gets charged up. Cell stands still with a smile on his face. Trunks sees the difference between Vegeta’s and Cell’s power. Trunks and Krillin agree that Vegeta will die if he fights him. Krillin says that Cell’s touch is horrible enough. Vegeta steps toward Cell and Cell steps back. Vegeta kicks, punches and knees Cell. Cell blocked all of Vegeta’s moves. Vegeta leaps over Cell and he lands near Android 16. Android 16 says,” Cell wasn’t kidding” Krillin asks Trunks, “I sense your ki. You’re stronger than your father, right?” Trunks does not answer. Vegeta begins another assault. Vegeta gives Cell everything he’s got but Cell dodges and blocks everything without effort. Android 16 watches while Vegeta screams with every attack. Krillin stares at Trunks waiting for an answer. Trunks says, “One day, I surpassed my father in the room of spirit and time. When I surpassed him, I never told him because I know he is a proud man. Krillin replies,” You simply can’t let him die! You should help him!” Trunks says,” No, It will hurt my father’s spirit!” The screen switches to Vegeta and Cell. Vegeta stares at Cell and he floats down to a ledge. Cell vanishes and Vegeta is surprised. Cell is right behind Vegeta on the same ledge. Vegeta knows he is being mocked and he gets pissed. Vegeta screams incredibly loud and Vegeta lights his aura again. Vegeta starts punching again. Cell dodges them all. Cell jumps from cliff to cliff and Vegeta follows. Vegeta fires a ton of ki-blasts and Cell avoids them all. Vegeta comes up with a plan and Vegeta disappears. Cell becomes confused and he falls right in Vegeta’s trap. Vegeta fires two sets of ki-beams at opposite sides Cell. Cell gets hit and Vegeta smiles. The smoke clears and Cell is unharmed. He’s actually laughing. Cell vanishes again and Vegeta gets perplexed. Cell is right above Vegeta and Vegeta is angry. Vegeta says,” Stop mocking me and fight! ”Cell says,” Okay, this is good enough for a warm up.” Trunks yells,” A warm up?” Vegeta is amazed and so is Krillin. Android 16 asks, “ How could Dr. Gero create such a monster?” Cell says, ”You are too weak to be my opponent.” Vegeta replies,” Never look down on Super Vegeta!” Vegeta kicks him in the back of the head. Krillin and Trunks say,” He won!” Cell is bent over but he is smiling. Vegeta begins to get scared. Piccolo and Tien are looking up above at the fight with Cell. Piccolo says,” Vegeta will lose. He will die.”Meanwhile, Son Gohan and Son Goku train the Room of Spirit of time.

By Chris Paguio and my website DBZ dimension

can you link my friends to his website is awsome Gogeta's Rage


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