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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 153 - I'll Pound you tomorrow!  Son Goku's Challenge

Name: Richie Macrosse
Series: DBZ Subbed
Episode: #153 I'll pound you tomorrow! Son Gokuu's challenge.
Tenshinhan continues to fire off his Kikohou at Seru. Seru is hit repeatedly but it isn't doing anything more than pushing him farther into the hole and then once it stops, he comes back up. Tenshinhan orders Juuhachigo and Juurokugo to get out of there as fast as they can. Gokuu can't believe Tenshinhan is actually fighting Seru when he wasn't even supposed to even remotely confront him. Juuhachigo gets Juurokugo onto her shoulder and flies away. Tenshinhan's veins are starting to pulse in his head. The Kikohou blasts are taking every bit of his life force out of him. He realizes that he has to keep this up until the Jinzouningens have a chance to escape. He keeps firing at Seru and losing more life force as Seru continues to come back from the attack. Gokuu and Gohan are still impatiently waiting for Beijita and Torankasu to exit the Room of Spirit and Time. Tenshinhan is barely hanging on. He fires one last Kikohou at Seru. Then, he falls to the ground. Seru flies out of the hole and realizes that Juuhachigo has escaped. He can't believe that Tenshinhan of all of the Z Senshi was able to hold him off long enough for this to happen. Gokuu is angry. He can sense that Tenshinhan is almost dead. Gohan can sense it too. Gokuu prohibits him from assisting. Gohan flies up and tries to escape Karin Tower to reach Tenshinhan but Gokuu knocks him back down. He apologizes and then uses Shunkunaido to teleport over to the place where Tenshinhan is. He gets Tenshinhan onto his arm. Seru is happy to see that Gokuu has arrived at the battlefield. All of a sudden Gokuu senses Pikkoro's ki. Gokuu teleports over to Pikkoro and gets him on his other shoulder. Seru can't believe he was careless enough not to dish out enough strength to kill Pikkoro. Seru tells Gokuu he won't be leaving until they fight. Gokuu declares that he'll pound Seru tomorrow. Seru doesn't accept this and flies in for Gokuu but before he can land the first punch Gokuu teleports away. Seru doesn't realize how this was possible. Gokuu reappears at Karin Tower and heals Pikkoro and Tenshinhan with Sinzu Beans. They thank Gokuu for saving their lives and then Buruma appears with Chibi no Torankasu. She demands to know where Beijita and Mirai no Torankasu are. Pikkoro explains where they are. Elsewhere, Juuhachigo and Juurokugo land on another island. The birds perch on Juurukugo's busted head while Juuhachigo stares into space mourning over Juushichigo. Elsewhere, Seru decides to begin his search for Juuhachigo. He flies off to another island. Back at Karin Tower, Beijita and Mirai no Torankasu emerge from the Room of Spirit and Time. Now that they have emerged, are they strong enough to defeat Seru before he absorbs Juuhachigo?

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