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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 149. -  I have been waiting for this day.  The Prelude to Cell's Perfection. 

149. “I have been waiting for this day! The prelude to Cell’s perfection.”

The episode starts off with Androids and the Namek on the island. #17 says that even though he is not an android he still has greats power. He says he doesn’t seem to act like The Demon Lord  Piccolo. They get ready to fight; #17 punches first and then they start doing flashy attacks. Piccolo says that #17’s punch packs, well, no punch, even though he is fast. They fight some more...

Outside the Room of Spirit & Time Gohan & Goku are hoping that Piccolo can hold on until Vegita & Trunks are done training.

Back on the island, they fight more and seem to be equal. They destroy another island and #18 is getting really annoyed. Krillin and the others are at Kame House when Krillin senses Cell coming straight for them.

At Capsule Corp. Dr. Briefs is trying to calm down the baby while Bulma is doing all the work. Yajirobe comes in and says that Bulma should make the kid be quiet and that Trunks might grow up to be evil because he had such a cold mother. Bulma says that he won’t because they have already seen what happens to him.

On the island there is more fighting but underwater again. Out of the water; more furious fighting.

Krillin gets a phone call from Bulma, who says that she finished the “kill” switch.

Bulma leaves in her airplane to go to Kame House. On the island, yes you guessed it, more fighting! They start to exchange massive punches in the same place on the other one’s body. #17 points out that Piccolo will lose because he has lost a lot of energy but he (#17) has not. Piccolo looks tired and beat up. He is panting really heavily and then opens his eyes wide open. Then we see what he is surprised about. Cell is standing on a rock watching the fight. He is much stronger than before and Piccolo has used up a lot of his energy. cell is finally ready to absorb #17 & #18.



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