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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 148.  The Heaven Splitting Violent Light Beam.  Piccolo vs Cyborg number 17.  

          The episode starts with Piccolo and the androids on the island and #17 says that he will kill him if he doesn’t tell them where goku is. Piccolo says that nothing will be as easy as it was last time. #17 thinks that Piccolo is stupid for taking up this fight. Piccolo asks if he is the only one fighting him and #17 says yes. Piccolo then thinks he might stand a chance if it’s one on one. Piccolo starts to power up and everything is shaking, even at Kame House. Krillin points out to the others that since he fused with God his power is even greater than that.

                Up on Kami’s lookout, Gohan and Goku can feel what’s going on and Gohan wants to go help Piccolo but Goku says that Piccolo isn’t the same as he was before. Gohan still wants to go but stays anyway to wait for Vegita and Trunks.

               Back on the Island Piccolo is still powering up when #16 says “What, this is not Piccolo!” Then Piccolo starts his attack on #17 and beats the crap out of him for a while. #17 wonders why he seems to be stronger and faster. Piccolo gears up for a big blast and doesn’t hit #17 but almost does. #17 says not to be so confident and Piccolo just smirks.

            At Capsule Corp. Bulma and Dr. Briefs (mostly Bulma) are trying to make a “kill” switch for the androids from the blueprints Trunks got.

            Back on the island #17 tells Piccolo to get ready. then they fight more. Piccolo shoots some blasts at #17 which he easily dodges. #17 says that he really is much stronger. They fight more, but underwater. #18 wonders why the fight is taking so long and asks if #17 wants Her to sub in for Him. He says no and they fight more. Piccolo shoots more pitiful blasts a #17. #17 asks “Where are you shooting!?” Then he sees that all the blasts he shot have accumulated all around him. Piccolo says that there is no escape as he makes the blasts close in on him. The island gets blown up and at Kame House they can fell a tornado of wind. After it’s done Piccolo sees that #17 used a barrier move to block it. They decide to fly to another island and continue.

            We see Cell about to do his favorite hobby, when he senses Piccolo’s Ki. He drops what he’s doing (literally) and buzzes off to the island they are on. Piccolo and the androids arrive at another island to continue their fight.


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