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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 147. Hurry with the Training Saiya-jin! The Room of Spirit and Time.

            The episode starts off with Goku announcing that he will surpass Super Saiyan. He says that he needs at least a year to train. He says he will train for a year in one day. He asks if he can take Gohan and Chi-Chi says no, but then says that there is no use in trying to stop him.

            Goku then teleports away onto the plane that everyone, but Trunks and Vegita, is on. Krillin is so happy that he jumps on Goku causing them to break through the back of the plane (of course the plane is repaired in the next scene). Goku then calls Piccolo “Kamiccolo.” Piccolo tells him that he is “...mostly piccolo so just call me that...”

He explains to everyone that he wants to train where he can train for a year in one day. Piccolo knows what he is talking about since he has Kami-sama inside him. He says that Goku lasted a month in The Room of Spirit and Time a long time ago. Goku says that he will bring Vegita and Trunks along too. Piccolo explains that he must hurry because Cell is killing people everywhere and is also trying to find 17 & 18 to become a perfect being.

Goku & Gohan teleport to where Trunks and Vegita are. Trunks explains to them that Vegita has only stood at the edge of the mountain and looked out for the past three days. Goku flies over to Vegita and convinces him to go train. He accepts but says he wants to go in first.

Then we see the androids at Goku’s house and #18 is trying on some of Chi-Chi’s clothes. She makes a remark about how ugly the clothes are and that he lives in dump. #17 asks if #16 knows where Goku is. He says he could be at either Capsule Corp. or Kame House, and since Kame House is closer, they take off to go there.

Ten-shin-han, Piccolo, Yaumcha, & Krillin are at an amusement park and see that everyone has been absorbed. Then we see Cell looking at them from atop a building.

Mr. Popo is showing the Saiyans where the room is in God’s palace. Vegita asks Goku why he is letting him train first, he says that his final enemy is Goku. Goku replies that “You know that it will take more than one this time.” Popo opens the door and shows Vegita and Trunks inside. When they get inside Trunks says “What’s this? There is nothing but white space.” Vegita thinks it is good. Trunks trembles at the fact that he will be in this desolate room with Vegita for one year.

Everyone on the plane is looking for Cell when they realize he has hidden his Ki. Piccolo says that if he found #17 & #18 he could become perfect at any time. He says that he hopes that Goku can surpass Super Saiyan and defeat them both.

                                    It has been almost a full day.

Every non-saiyan is at Kame House and Piccolo is the only one awake. The coffee  that is on the table starts trembling. Piccolo looks up and sees the androids outside. #17 asks if Goku is there and #16 can tell that he is not. Piccolo wakes everyone up and they see who it is. #17 asks where he is and Piccolo refuses. Piccolo says that there is an island not far away and says “...let’s get it on over there.” #17 says that if he doesn’t tell them, he really will kill him. Piccolo states that “It won’t be like last time!” as he takes off his cape and hat.



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