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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 146  - Son Goku awakens for the battle! Go beyond the Super Saiya-jin!  

            The episode opens up with a house with the T.V. on but no people are in it, only clothes are lying around. Then we see the city empty. Then we see a guard for a building shooting a machine gun. Then Cell appears and beats the guy up, then starts sucking the life out of him. After Cell is done he realizes that someone is behind a desk. Then they start running away from him through a plane hanger. As he is about to attack Krillin sweeps up the mother and her child. The mother and child board a plain while Cell and Krillin duke it out. Krillin does a Tai-yo-ken (Solar Flare) and blinds Cell. Then Krillin jumps under the plane as it takes off. Then Cell appears and they fight on the plane. Krillin gets kicked through the plane and his head is sticking out one side. Cell shakes his finger a Krillin and then flies away because he senses Ten-shin-han and Piccolo.

            Trunks is flying to meet Vegita and is thinking about the consequences of His and Cell’s time travel. Krillin, Piccolo, and Ten-shin-han are back at the airport looking for Cell. The androids are riding in the bumpy woods and then 18 just blasts a smooth path to go through. Then 2 or 3 days past and everyone are at Kame House except for Trunks & Vegita. Then Yaumcha gets the idea to take a plane so he can’t sense them.

            Then back at Kame House the place starts shaking. Chi-Chi goes upstairs to see if Goku is okay and he isn’t in his bed. She then looks outside and sees Goku shooting out into the water. They rejoice and then Goku says he could hear them talking while he was asleep and knows most of what is happening. He says that he will surpass Super Saiyan.




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