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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 142  - Kamehameha!?  The monster is Son Goku's Ki!

Japanese ( Subbed) Episode 142:  Kamehameha!? The monster with Son Gokou’s ki.

 The episode begins in Gingertown, where Piccolo has finally confronted the creature responsible for the deaths of all the 15,000 townspeople, and the news crew sent to investigate their disappearance.  Piccolo is surprised to sense a familiar aura from the creature, who is holding a man by his side as a captive.

Meanwhile, at Kami’s Tower, Mr. Popo is worried that even with their combined strength, there is no way that Piccolo/ Kami can ever beat this monster. Still saddened by the loss of his old friend, he wanders over to where Kami dropped his staff just before the fusion, picks it up, and silently mutters “Kami-sama…”

Back at Gingertown, the creature’s hostage starts to bargain with Piccolo, saying that he is by far the richest man in the town, and that he will reward him if he saves his life. Piccolo stares down the creature, and adamantly tells him to release the man. Without a word, the monster lets him go, and drops him to the ground. Piccolo is obviously surprised by how easily the creature obeyed his command, but then suddenly, without warning, it stabs the man through the back with the long, sharp tip of his tail. A strange “sucking” noise begins, as the creature slowly begins to absorb the man, just as he did the other townspeople. The man starts to scream, then slowly begins to wither away, then melt, and eventually disappears completely, leaving only his clothing behind.

Piccolo stares in amazement at this turn of events, as the creature says “ you’re going to turn out just like him next, Piccolo the Demon King”. The monster then begins to power-up, causing a small crater to appear around him, and levelling the surrounding parts of the town. At the Kame House, Gohan pauses and stares out the window in the direction of Gingertown, saying that he can sense 2 of Piccolo’s auras.

As the creature finishes it’s power-up, Piccolo demands to know how it knew his name.  The creature smiles and says “ I am your brother…”.  Back at the Kame House, Gohan, Kuririn, Yamucha and Kamesennin run out to the beach. Gohan can sense the auras of both Freezer and King Cold, while Trunks, flying towards Gingertown, can sense Piccolo, Freezer, King Cold and Vegita’s auras all in one place. To their amazement, Gohan, Kuririn and Yamucha can also sense Gokou’s aura in that direction, but Gohan confirms that he is definitely asleep behind them in the Kame House. None of them can figure out what is happening…

The stare-down between Piccolo and the creature continues in Gingertown, as he asks it “just exactly who the hell are you?”. The creature says that answers are not necessary, since Piccolo will be his lunch in a few minutes. Piccolo is still incredibly confident, and calmly states that the monster will die at his hands. The creature laughs, “ You think you, Piccolo, are going to kill me?”. Piccolo smiles, and then begins his own power-up, making the creatures’ look positively puny in comparison, as it levels the entire city. The sheer force of the energy emitting from the Namek pushes the creature back, and Piccolo taunts him, “ So, you know Piccolo. Well, too bad for you, you’ve got the wrong person…”

Meanwhile, Kuririn catches up with Trunks, and tells him about the new monster in Gingertown, saying that even a Super Saiyan might have to be careful. Both of them can sense Piccolo’s new aura, and are amazed at how powerful he has become. Kuririn explains to Trunks how Piccolo and Kami were originally one singular being, and that now they’ve finally merged back together. Trunks can’t believe that it’s possible to increase one’s battle- power by so much.

In what remains of Gingertown, Piccolo continues to crackle with energy, and says that it’s good that the creature killed everyone in the town, because now he can go all-out. He raises his hand and begins to charge up a huge ki-blast. The creatures’ eyes widen in fear, and it adopts a defensive stance to try and protect itself. After charging up for a few more seconds, Piccolo pretends to have given up on the idea of using a ki blast. This causes the creature to relax, but then Piccolo suddenly releases all the energy he had collected in a single attack. Everything for miles around is completely destroyed.

Somewhere on a mountain road, the Androids stop their van and step outside. 17 and 18 say that “the air moved”, and that maybe a volcano erupted many miles away. 16 says that 2 powerful beings are fighting, and that one of them is as powerful as 17 and 18 combined. 17 refuses to believe this, saying that nothing on the planet can match his power. He says that 16’s battle radar must be broken, and returns to the van with 18. 16 continues to stare in the direction of Gingertown…..

The force of the blast buried the creature under a heap of rubble, and it blasts itself out just as Piccolo rushes towards him. The creature attempts a punch in order to stop him, but Piccolo dodges at an incredible speed, rushes about 100 meters away, and re-appears behind the creature, before it can even finish the punch it started. Piccolo then attacks with a few kicks, all of which the creature manages to avoid. It quickly attempts to put some distance between itself and Piccolo, but it isn’t near as fast as him, as Piccolo appears behind it, and sends it flying in the opposite direction with a swift attack to the back. He then charges after it, and actually overtakes it before it can hit the ground. He places himself in the creature’s path, braces himself for the impact and he waits to attack it once again. The creature manages to stop itself only inches from Piccolo’s face however, and retreats a few hundred meters into the air. It stares angrily down at Piccolo, then raises 2 fingers on its right hand and begins to charge up a very familiar looking attack. Piccolo just stares in amazement as the creature blasts a huge Makkankosappo at him.

Piccolo manages to swat the attack away at the last moment, and it drills through the wreckage of a nearby building, then causes a huge explosion. Piccolo, distracted by the fact that this creature can use one of his own attacks, is taken unawares when it attacks him head-on once again. They start to shower each other with attacks, although Piccolo still has the obvious advantage, as he lands 2 solid hits that send the creature crashing to earth. When the smoke from the impact clears, Piccolo stands before the creature, still crackling with pure energy. The creature admits that he isn’t a bad fighter, although the only reason he’s doing so well is because “I haven’t reached total perfection yet”. It reveals that the only reason it killed the humans in Gingertown was to absorb their energy- the more energy it absorbs, the closer it comes to achieving perfection. It sent itself to this time period with Trunks’ time machine, but its present form was too big to fit in the machine, so it had to degenerate to its egg form. It says that it’s surprised that Piccolo even knows about the time machine, but it feels for sure that he doesn’t know about this……

Trunks and Kuririn can now feel Gokou’s aura again, and at the Kame House, Gohan looks up silently at where his father is sleeping and says “Dad…..”.

The creature adopts another familiar stance, cups his 2 hands together behind him, and smiles with satisfaction…”Ka- Me- Ha- Me…..”  Piccolo once again can’t believe what he’s seeing, and doesn’t move as the creature finally completes the attack.  He brings both his hands forward, fires all the energy he has gathered at Piccolo, and roars “HAAAAA!!!!!!!!”



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