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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 129

Dragonball Z
Japanese Fansub
Vegita's Strength, the Awakened Blood of a Super-Saiya-Jin!
(Episode #129.0)

Well, it looks as though Son-Gokou has lost the fight! The Z-Senshi know that they have to go get the heart medicine, to save him. Killyin tosses Son a Senzu to heal him, so he eats it. 20 gets enfuriated, and tells Killyin that 19 will not give Gokou enough time to put the bean to use. But, the Senzu can't heal Gokou of the virus, just like the boy from the future said, and 19 hits Gokou so hard, that his Super-Saiya-Jin from is broken, and he becomes a regular Saiya-Jin. 19 jumps on Son, and puts his hands on him (let us all remember that 19, 20, and S17 can drain Ki though their hands). Son's Ki is going down, even with the senzu! The Z Senshi decied to act now, and fly towards Son to save him, but 20 flies in front of them! He tells them that they cannot interfere with the fight, but Piccolo doesn't care, so 20 shoots him with eye lasers! He isn't dead, but he falls to the ground. Gohan chases after Piccolo, to see if he's okay. 20 asks the team if anyone else will challenge him, but the Z Senshi fly back towards Piccolo.
All of a sudden, when all hope seems lost, someone kicks 19 in the head, pushing him away. It's Vegita! Vegita laughs at Son's strength, and then tells a story about how he was training, and his heart became pure enough to go SSJ, but his purity was different then Gokou's, his purity was a heart filled with evil.
Also, at a near by forest area, Yajerobi and Buruma are taking care of Trunks! Yajerobi has to give up his scarf for Trunks to use as a diaper, but some hi-jinks occur, and lets just say... Yajeroibi won't have to complain about being thirsty... ^-^.
Now that Vegita has become a Super-Saiya-Jin, will HE be the one to destroy 19 and 20, or will there be another hero? Is the threat of the artificial humans over? Find out next time, on Dragonball Z!

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