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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 126 - Murderers who leave no trace.  Which ones are the Artificial Humans?

Episode 126:

Murderers who leave no trace. Which ones are the Artificial Humans?

Son Gohan, Son Goku, and Piccolo are flying to the island that lies 9 kilometers south west of the Southern Capitol. Everyone is in good sprits, except Piccolo. He wonders if they can kill the Artificial Humans, but Son Goku thinks they can. The three catch up to Kuririn, and then they find the island. But there’s something on the island that none of them expected. A large city was right below them! They then fly over to a mountain cliff, where they meet Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Buruma. They talk about baby Trunks, Vegeta, ect. Then Piccolo spots something coming. It’s Yajarobe with Senzu Beans.

Yajarobe gives them to Goku, and Goku asks if he was going to fight, but Yajarobe said “no”, and flew off. Everyone is now wondering where the Artificial Humans are, because it’s well past 10:00. Then something in the sky blows up. The Artificial Humans have just blown Yajarobe out of the sky, and then, the two fly into the city below. Goku says that he can’t sense there Ki, Gohan thinks that since they are Artificial Humans, they don’t have Ki. So then, the  group splits up, and flies into the city. Then we go through a series of shots of the Z Senshi waiting, and looking that takes up about half the episode, blah, blah, blah, ect. Then finally get to see the Artificial Human’s faces. #19 is a fat, white AH, and #20 is an old man.

Then one person asks the AH if they saw the sky car blow up. #19 walks over to him, and hits him in his head. He then punches the guy next to him into a building. #20 is standing in the middle of the road with a car honking at him. He turns to the car, and puts his fist into the car’s engine. #20 tears out the engine, walks over to the guy in the car, grabs his neck, and smashes him through the car roof. A woman nearby screams, and Yamucha hears it. He runs over to see what happened, but the AH disappeared, but the AH are right above him (Stupid Yamucha) And #19 identifies him. #20 that they can get alot of energy from him. They float down behind Yamucha, and Yamucha asks who killed these people. The old AH replies “We killed them”. Yamucha steps back, and #20 grabs him by the mouth, and lifts him up off the ground. A truck comes by, and crashes into a gas station. A wall of flames now surrounds the three (A cheap, reused dramatic effect), and the old AH punches a hole right through him.

And thus ends an episode.

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