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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 120 - Furiza decisively defeated!  Another Super Saiyan!


Name: Richie Macrosse
Series: DBZ Subbed
Episode: #120 Furiza decisively defeated! Another Super Saiyajin!
The episode starts just like the last episode ended. The boy takes out his sword and within an instant slices up some of the minions of MekaFuriza and Korudo Daio. MekaFuriza orders one of the men to lead the next attack. This man checks his scouter and it only reads 5. All of the minions laugh and then attack. The boy takes out his sword and then kills each one of them by slicing them up. One man has survived. His scouter divides since it's been cut up and his armor falls off since it's been cut up. He is so scared now. He backs into MekaFuriza. MekaFuriza puts his hand through this guy's gut and kills him. The guy wonders why his own leader would kill him. Elsewhere, all of the Z Senshi are climbing that hill to try and attack Furiza. Everybody senses a high ki where Furiza is. Kuririn thinks it's Gokuu and cheers, but Yamucha assures them it's not Gokuu but whoever it is has great strength and skill. The boy is standing before MekaFuriza and Korudo Daio. Korudo Daio again tries to warn MekaFuriza not to blow up the Earth, and MekaFuriza starts squabbling him like the spoiled kid he really is. (That's one thing I like about this episode, we finally see Furiza for what he really is: a spoiled brat of a child bent on taking over the universe.) The boy tells MekaFuriza he's dealing with a true Super Saiyajin during this fight, and it's not Gokuu. Korudo Daio asks what or who Gokuu is, and MekaFuriza again squabbles him. (Note: In the American version, Korudo Daio was seen as an evil man who was with Furiza, but in the Japanese version he's not evil, he just stalks his son to be sure he's okay and doesn't like his son's enemies. Look for more of my notes.) MekaFuriza and Korudo Daio pay close attention now. MekaFuriza starts getting really scared as the boy transforms into a Super Saiyajin. Korudo Daio can't believe this, because he had no concept before of what a Super Saiyajin was. The boy declares victory, but MekaFuriza won't give up without a fight. He attacks the boy head on with a few ki blasts but the boy comes out unharmed. On Kita no Kaio kai, Kaiosama and Bobolasu are sorta daydreaming for a minute, but then Kaiosama realizes a new kid is there to beat Furiza and starts cheering hilarious cheers. MekaFuriza tries to throw some punches and the boy disappears and then reappears behind him and says: "IF THAT IS THE BEST YOU CAN DO THEN YOU ARE WEAK." This irritates MekaFuriza and he goes into the air and throws a Planet Destroying Ball at the boy. Kaiosama is fretting because the Earth has to suffer the same fate as Nameksei. MekaFuriza descends and Korudo Daio says: "HAPPY NOW? IT IS NOT RIGHT TO VERSUS A SUPER SAIYAJIN." and MekaFuriza squabbles him again. The Planet Destroying Ball doesn't get into the ground, though. The boy is holding it in his hand. He throws it into the air and says that's the second time he's tried to kill him and failed. MekaFuriza throws repeated ki blasts at him and then flies and fires simultaneously, so mad now he can't see straight. He's really ready to kill now. Korudo Daio thinks they've won but then the boy shouts from in the air: "FURIZA!". He has drawn his sword and descends from the air, cutting right through the middle of MekaFuriza and cutting him in half. MekaFuriza screams a blood-curdling scream while this is going on. Korudo Daio watches in horror. On the hill, Beijita and the others can see that someone other than Gokuu really is killing Furiza. The boy gets right through MekaFuriza and then slices him up into about 75 different pieces, then fires a ki blast burning them into ashes, which kills MekaFuriza. Korudo Daio screams in horror. Kuririn cheers, since now everyone can see that Furiza has been killed. Korudo Daio can't believe someone finally finished off his son. (In the American version this was replaced by the boy moving his sword next to MekaFuriza, then you could see MekaFuriza divide in half, then he moved his sword around a few times and burned whatever was in front of him with a ki blast.) Korudo Daio is furious about his son's death, and a great anger turns into an evil and takes control of him. He walks over to the boy and asks to see his sword. The boy hands over the sword. Korudo Daio looks at it for a minute. (In the American version, he examines it even more closely and starts acting like a real king.) Then, he makes the boy an offer to replace Furiza and conquer this entire planet. The boy refuses, so Korudo Daio, thinking he has nailed the boy's weakness getting ahold of his sword, swings the sword right at the boy but the boy catches it in his hand. Korudo Daio is shocked. The boy then puts his hand on Korudo Daio's chest and fires a ki blast right through which makes a breathing hole through his heart. Everybody is at the top of the hill now. Gohan stares down and sees the boy and Korudo Daio and roots for the fight to end. Korudo Daio starts saying: "DID I SAY CONQUER A WHOLE PLANET? NO, A WHOLE SOLAR SYSTEM!" to try and make the boy a better offer, but the boy just stares and fires a ki blast which kills Korudo Daio. You can see the look on his face as he screams his final scream. Then, the boy fires another ki blast which destroys Korudo Daio's ship. (In the American version, Korudo Daio was pleading for his life.) The boy transforms back into his normal form and sees the Z Senshi standing on a hill. They all congratulate him and then he explains he wants to meet Son Gokuu in three hours. They all follow him to a certain place and Kuririn is rolling a can around while the boy is staring at Beijita and Buruma. Beijita starts going off about how if he wants the pink shirt he can have it and that it's not possible for him to be a Super Saiyajin. Gohan asks Pikkoro why he didn't join the other Namekseijins when they left, and Pikkoro explains it was his choice to stay here. The three hours pass, and a Ginyu Tokusentai space capsule descends. Gokuu steps out in some goofy looking outfit. Gokuu has returned. What is the mystery behind this young boy? How did he know when Gokuu would arrive?
-Next time: Hiya! It's been awhile. The return of Son Gokuu.

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