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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 119 - I'll Stop Freezer.  A Mysterious Boy awaiting Son Gokuu


Name: Richie Macrosse
Series: DBZ Subbed
Episode: #119 I'll stop Furiza. A mysterious boy awaiting Son Gokuu...
Gohan flies away from his home and meets Kuririn on his way over. He asks Kuririn if he's sure the ki they sensed approaching Earth is Furiza, and Kuririn is indeed sure. He tells Gohan he'll never forget the ki of his murderer. He remembers on Nameksei when Gokuu ordered him and Gohan to escape Nameksei with Buruma before they are killed and Furiza had said: "Do you really think I'm going to let you go? I don't think so!". Then, he'd fired at Kuririn and Kuririn was hit back into the air. Gohan was screaming for Kuririn. Kuririn was lifted high into the air. Gokuu ordered Furiza to stop but to no avail. Kuririn had screamed for Gokuu but then exploded from the inside(and obviously died). Gohan realizes this and frets. In space, MekaFuriza is with Korudo Daio and a few of his minions drinking wine. Korudo Daio is staring out at Earth figuring how he's going to let his son have his fun. MekaFuriza is starting to let out electricity. Korudo Daio asks if he's at all scared, but he says that he's just excited. After all, he can't wait to have his fun getting revenge on Gokuu. Elsewhere, Kuririn and Gohan meet up with Pikkoro, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu. They are joined by Beijita, Yamucha, and even Buruma and Puuaru. Yamucha demands to know why they're here and Buruma starts talking about how obsessed she is with Furiza(YUCK! Furiza is at most 10 or 12 years old and Buruma is in her 30s.) Yamucha gets mad and tells them to just leave. The rest of the Z Senshi are planning their attack on Furiza when he arrives, but they don't know if they can beat him. Buruma gets mad and starts yelling at Puuaru. Puuaru finally lets Buruma grab his tail and flies toward the others. Yamucha is all scared because he was resurrected recently and now he's about to be killed again by Furiza. He tries to chicken out, but nobody lets him since if he does and they lose he'll die anyway since Furiza will destroy Earth. The spaceship lands. MekaFuriza and Korudo Daio are seen from within. Kuririn decides to fly after them but Beijita hits him down. Kuririn is a little mad but Beijita starts going ballistic about how he doesn't want Furiza to see him before the fight even begins. They all get back to their climb. MekaFuriza, Korudo Daio, and their minions get out of the ship and prepare to search. MekaFuriza hallucinates Super Saiyajin Gokuu on the ledge in front of him and gets scared stiff. He remembers on Nameksei when he'd announced his father would destroy Gokuu after he'd been reduced to only his top half and then fired a ki blast at Gokuu. Gokuu had become enraged and fired a ki blast of his own which had overpowered Furiza's easily. Furiza was hit by the blast and we could see him scream in agony as what was left of him was vaporized and the island around him destroyed, leaving a hole in the ocean. Seconds later Nameksei had exploded as a result of Furiza's deathball from earlier. Remains of Nameksei could be seen floating through space. Furiza now had a few bits of him floating behind him, and half his face left(the other half charred off) and part of his torso was charred. He was almost dead and griping about how he was beaten by a mere monkey. However, Korudo Daio's ship had just arrived. He had heard earlier when an explosion in the main building on Planet Furiza #79 had killed a lot of his minions that Furiza was battling someone stronger than him. He could see that Furiza had resorted to destroying Nameksei in order to win the fight. However, he and his men were unable to find Furiza. After a few minutes, Furiza's bloody and mangled body was seen. Korudo Daio realized his son was on the brink of death and actually shed a tear. He finally had ki blasted a window open and accidentally killed one of his men. He sent the others out to bring Furiza in before he does die. After awhile, Furiza was put in the rejuvenation tank. The doctos analyzed that he was beaten brutally while on Nameksei, though they're not sure how. They explained to Korudo Daio that the only way to save his life is to give him cyberkinetic attachments for his lost limbs so he won't bleed to death and it will make him much more improved in strength, speed, and power. Korudo Daio accepted and after a few hours Furiza had been turned into a cyborg, MekaFuriza. MekaFuriza had gotten up, but everyone urged him for some rest. Korudo Daio had asked him who critically injured him and the answer was a Super Saiyajin from Earth, which urged Korudo Daio to set a course for Earth. MekaFuriza decides to turn his fear into anger. All of a sudden a few of MekaFuriza and Korudo Daio's men are sliced up by something moving very fast. Then, we see a youth with indigo hair and a capsule corp. gi standing in front of them. He already knows who Furiza is and threatens to kill him. MekaFuriza gets a little cocky and Korudo Daio again warns him not to destroy Earth, but MekaFuriza ignores him and acts like the spoiled kid he really is. He then orders his minions to attack. In an instant, they are all sliced up. What is the secret of this new youth?
-Next time: Furiza decisively defeated! Another Super Saiyajin!

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