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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 117 - 101st Proposal of Kuririn

DBZ Japanese

#117 The 101st Proposal of Kuririn

The episode starts off with Kuririn and Maron shopping. Kuririn is carrying a bunch of boxes for Maron. As they’re leaving the store, Kuririn gets caught up in the rotating door. Those things can be tricky. Kuririn drops all his boxes as he’s leaving, when he gets up he sees Maron leaning on a car of some thick eye browed blonde guy. Meanwhile. At Capsule Corp, the phone begins ringing. Buruma picks it up;

Kame Sennin is on the other line. He says it’s an emergency and tells Buruma to come quickly. Yamucha is at a baseball game when Kame Sennin calls him. Gyuu Maou answers the phone at the Son Family’s house. Kame Sennin only gets the answering machine when he calls Kuririn. While Kuririn and Maron are shopping, Maron is admiring a wedding dress in a shop. Kuririn then has a short fantasy of him and Maron getting married.  Maron then sees a car that she wants too. Then Kuririn fantasizes a family with little baby Kuririns. Back at Kame House, Buruma and Chi Chi are yelling at Kame Sennin for lying to get them here. Umigame walks in the room and sees the whole gang here, he’s very happy that they all came for his birthday. They have a huge cake with 1,000 candles and all. Just then, Kuririn and Maron walk in and announce their “engagement”.  Kuririn admires Maron for a minute while Umigame tries to blow out the candles. As night falls, Kuririn sits outside looking at the ocean. He thinks that Maron is too good for him. Umigame comes outside and tells Kuririn that he is a good person. And if he doesn’t think he deserves Maron, then buy her love with a pearl. He tells Kuririn of a pearl that is close by.  Kuririn and Gohan then go deep sea diving for the pearl. Back at Kame House, Maron wonders where Kuririn could be. Maron sits down next to Yamucha and makes Buruma angry. Maron calls Chi Chi and Buruma middle aged. Buruma and Chi Chi argue over who is older (Buruma). Back under water, Kuririn sees a sparkle on the ocean floor. But when they head towards it, they see that it is just a lantern fish. While they continue on their search, Gohan sees a sunken ship full of treasure. Gohan tells Kuririn, but Kuririn ignores and continues on his way. Gohan then sees a sparkle in the distance. When they head towards it, they see a cave. They go into the cave to try and find it. A school of fish comes ramming towards them while in the cavern. When they reach the exit, they see the pearl sitting on the sea floor. Kuririn lands near it in order to grab it. A huge fish comes and smacks Kuririn into a wall. The fish causes a large amount of rocks to fall towards the pearl. Millions of fish come rushing towards it to save the pearl. While all the fish are holding up the rock, a few fish move the pearl out from underneath. Kuririn and Gohan don’t know why, but the fish are protecting the pearl, and they’re ready to fight for it. Kuririn doesn’t know if he should try and take it from them. Gohan says he would feel like a Ginew Force member if they tried to steal it. Relating the fish to Nameks, and the pearl to a dragonball. Kuririn decides that it isn’t worth it, and the two leave. Later that day, Kuririn and Maron are walking along the beach side. Kuririn tells Maron that if you love someone, then you have to set them free. Kuririn slowly walks off along the coast. A log rolls onto the beach side, and Maron tells Kuririn that she would have said yes if Kuririn asked her to marry him. Kuririn thinks for a second and then looks back. Maron is already walking off. Kuririn fears he has made a mistake by letting Maron go. He yells for Maron and runs toward her. But he trips over that log that rolled on a few seconds ago. A guy pulls up and asks Maron if she wants a ride. Maron accepts and leaves with the guy. Kuririns jaw unhinges and falls to the ground. Later, Kuririn comes into Kame House wearing his shades. Buruma asks where’s Maron, Kuririn tells everyone that he dumped her. Oolong doesn’t believe it though, he thinks it was the other way around. Everyone else thinks it was a smart move. No one liked her anyway. Kuririn begins laughing, but then a tear trickles down the side of his face. ;_;

Poor Kuririn



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