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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 116 - 

#116 The Last Chance, Strike Makyo Planet...

As the Lookout slowly tilts toward the opening in the
sky to the DeadZone, Gohan desperately struggles to
keep his shield up. And the former gods of Earth are
as usual shocking Kami. Back to Gohan, as he keeps the
shield up, Piccolo begins fading more rapidly while
clinging on to life. While Kami is pleading for the
gods to stop harming him, the Chamber, or where ever
they are, begins to shake. Piccolo tells Gohan to blow
up the Makyosei. Destroying the star would cut
Garlic's source of power; he'd then be hurled back
into his own DeadZone. Gohan refuses claiming that he
loves his friends too much to let them get sucked into
the DeadZone. Back on Earth, AquaMist infected people
that were eating carrots are all turning back to
normal, the sun rises, every thing on Earth seems
pretty much back to normal. But back on the look out,
Gohan struggles with a decision, earth, or his
friends. Piccolo screams out to Gohan that he has no
choice. Kuririn then tells Gohan that there's a whole
world of people down there, he can't worry about just
his friends. Gohan yet again refuses to let his
friends perish. Back where Kami-Sama is, after a good
debating speech by Kami, the former gods finally stop,
heal Kami, and send him back to the surface. At the
lookout surface, Garlic, Gohan, and Piccolo see a
brilliant flash of light, Kami and Popo emerge from
the whole, and now the once downed Piccolo is back to
full health. Kami and Popo are quickly being sucked
toward the DeadZone, Piccolo leaps out of Gohan's Ki
shield, flies toward Kami and Popo, knocks them back
towards the ground, and heads for Garlic. Garlic then
blast Piccolo, not doing much harm, but keeping
Piccolo paralyzed in the attack. Kuririn then leaps
out of Gohan's shield towards Garlic, Piccolo then
attacks Garlic with an energy beam, Garlic catches the
attack, and as he is aiming it back at Piccolo,
Kuririn comes to help. But Garlic's attack stalls both
the warriors. Piccolo yells one last time for Gohan to
attack. This time, Gohan doesn't hesitate and launches
an all out Ki blast towards the Makyosei. Garlic
watches helplessly as his source of power is
deminished. When the attack connects, the star
explodes, Garlic is powerless, there for he shrivels
like a raisin and is thrown into his DeadZone. The
DeadZone closes up, the sky returns to blue,
Kami-Sama's lookout tilts back to normal. We then see
a Capsule Corp ship flying through space; it's Vegeta,
back on his way to Earth. But he doesn't really matter
right know. All the Earthlings (Buruma, Yamucha, etc.)
are back to normal, a little confused of there where
abouts, but back to normal nonetheless. Back at
Kami-Sama's, we see Gohan emerge from the rubble,
crying in fear thinking he is the only survivor.
Shortly after, Kami and Popo emerge from the rubble as
well. As Gohan rushes over to greet them, he hears the
voice of a special little bald man. Kuririn then pops
up from the crushed waste of Kami-Sama's Lookout.
Gohan hugs Kuririn with tears of joy, then, the voice
of another bald guy is heard. Piccolo is sitting on a
rock in the distance. Piccolo hops off and tells Kami
the whole story of how they defeated Garlic Jr. After
Piccolo tells Kami, Gohan confronts Piccolo, telling
him he's such a good friend. Then he falls asleep
after a long and harsh fought battle. Kuririn rushes
to Gohan in concern, Piccolo tells Kuririn that he's
just tired and needs some rest. Earth once again
returns to peace. Kuririn and Maron trade in for a
convertible, Gohan gets back to his studies, Kame
House is repaired, and Piccolo returns to his solitary
life of training. Peace did indeed return to Earth,
with the exception that Gokuu is still missing.


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