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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 113

Name: SSJ4 Vegeta Baby
Series: DBZ Japanese Subbed.
Episode #: 113
Episode Title: The Life or Death Journey of Kamisama.
     Kamisama and Misuta Popo thank Picoro for saving them. Picoro tells them that he doesn't fight well with Kamisama captured, and that's the only reason why he saved them. Gohan, still stunned from his fight with Picoro, starts to focus again and sees Kamisama and Misuta Popo standing there. He gets back on his feet and asks why Picoro and Kuririn aren't still fighting him. Picoro informs him that the Aquamist only infects demons, and since Picoro was born a demon, the Aquamist had no affect on him(remembering being bit by Yamucha, then Buruma and Kamesennin). Gohan realizes now, but wonders what Kuririn's case is. Picoro remembers and explains that he got Kuririn to act like he was being bitten while explaining that he would have to fight Gohan in order to get Gariku Juniya distracted, which would set stage for the rescue of Kamisama and Misuta Popo. But he didn't know Gariku Juniya had been listening the whole time. Gohan comments on how well they had pretended, but Gariku Juniya says he knew about this the whole time, and that now it's too late to spread the Super Holy Water over Earth. Misuta Popo thinks of a way to help, and remembers that they could just go to the graveyard of the Kamisamas located deep within Sky Palace. It will be dangerous, but it's the only way. Kamisama agrees, but Misuta Popo tells him that he needs to succeed in this mission if he chooses to accept, or else he'll die, since even the slightest wrong move in the Kamisama graveyard could be deadly. Kamisama is willing to risk his life for Earth, so Misuta Popo gets out the Magic Carpet and they both get on. The carpet flies. But Gariku Juniya's remaining minions, Gashyu and Binega, get in front, deciding they will not let either of them escape alive. Binega gets ready to make a move but Kuririn and Gohan attack Gashyu and Binega head on. Kuririn takes on Binega while Gohan fights Gashyu. Kuririn throws a Kienzan disk at Binega, but he catches it and throws it right back at Kuririn. Gohan gets his neck caught in Gashyu's hair. Gashyu is trying to strangle Gohan with his hair. Kamisama and Misuta Popo cross through the depths of Sky Palace, nearing the graveyard. Binega is pounding Kuririn while Gohan is struggling against Gashyu. Gohan elbows Gashyu in the gut, which gets him off him, and then punches him in the gut again, sending him into the wall. He gets hung up on a coat hanger mounted in the wall by his clothing and goes unconscious. Gohan then flies over to help Kuririn, who is losing. Gohan fires a Kamehameha wave at Binega and blasts him into the wall high above. Thinking these guys are dead, Kuririn and Gohan set off to help Picoro. Gariku Juniya asks Picoro if he fears dying, since if Kamisama dies, so does he. Picoro says that only a coward would, and attacks him head on. He punches Gariku Juniya through a few walls until he gets him on the ground. He declares victory. Gariku Juniya says that he hasn't won yet, and points to the sky, showing Picoro his source of power, his home planet, Makyosei. He tells Picoro that the closer Makyosei gets to Earth, the stronger he becomes. Soon, Makyosei will strike Earth, killing all of the people, plants, and animals on it. Gariku Juniya then reminds Picoro that he hasn't seen the best of him yet, and starts to transform. Picoro remembers their last fight, and how Gariku Juniya transformed into an all-powerful monster when he was out of options. Gariku Juniya's cloak and shirt are ripped apart, leaving only his pants. He turns from the little green Makyojin into the gigantic blue Makyojin of terror. The force of the transformation blasts right through Sky Palace, pretty much wrecking the place, leaving behind ruins. The light awakens the unconscious Gashyu and Binega, and collapses a few walls. Kuririn and Gohan and Picoro get out of the rubble to find that Gariku Juniya has transformed and that Gashyu and Binega are still alive. Gashyu and Binega walk out of the interior of Sky Palace and tell Kuririn and Gohan that they have not yet begun to fight, and now that the Makyosei is in Earth's orbit, they are even stronger. Binega and Gashyu make some smart remarks, and get ready to begin the next fight. Kamisama and Misuta Popo have made it to the graveyard, only to find the door closed. Misuta Popo opens the door, and they walk in. But Kamisama is struck by a spirit that goes right through him. He starts feeling dizzy and lightheaded. He sits down. Misuta Popo sees the spirit and gets scared. But what could this spirit be? And what will Picoro, Kuririn, and Gohan do now to win the fight since Gariku Juniya once again has the advantage?
-Next time, Gariku Juniya, Gashyu, and Binega use the Makyosei to power up a little and attack. Picoro, Kuririn, and Gohan now have their hands full and Kamisama and Misuta Popo encounter even more trouble in the realm of the Previous Kamisamas.

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