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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 107 - Senshi come back to life 

Episode: # 107 Z Senshi come back to life.
Series: DBZ Subtitled.
     Hello my name is Jack Lennyson.
Buruma tries to analyze a way that they can resurrect Kuririn and Gokuu. After a few minutes of talking, Beijita gets frustrated and tells them about Enma Daio's Netherworld, and if they wish Kakarotto there, then he will be resurrected on Earth. Buruma starts complimenting Beijita, which embarrasses him. She calls Dr. Briefs. Meanwhile, Chi-Chi, Muten Roshi, Uron, Puuaru, and Yajirobe are all prepared to go to Nameksei. Dr. Briefs says the trip is cancelled since he just received a call from Buruma. Everyone collapses. But then they're all flying in a plane to see Gohan and the others. Chi-Chi gets out and calls Gohan's name, and has a hard time finding him among the Namekseijins. Muuri tells Buruma that they'd like to wish for a New Nameksei, since Furiza destroyed their planet. Buruma agrees. Chi-Chi is hugging Gohan all over, proud to have him back. 120 days later, Dende begins to summon Porunga. He explains to Buruma that their year is much shorter than an Earth year. Porunga is summoned. At first, the citizens are scared, but then they realize it's another one of Dr. Briefs's crazy experiments. Kaiosama tells the gang that they're all about to get resurrected. Bobolasu is playing around Kaiosama, but then he is hit by a hammer that Kaiosama holds behind his back and makes another lame pun about. Buruma has Dende use the first wish to transport Gokuu and Kuririn to Enma Daio's netherworld. Porunga says he was able to get Kuririn there, but Gokuu cannot be brought there since he is alive. Everyone, even Kaiosama, is shocked about that. Buruma has Dende use the 2nd wish to resurrect Kuririn. Kuririn at first doesn't know what's happening, but then realizes he's alive again. Everyone cheers. Buruma tries to get Dende to use the 3rd wish to transport Gokuu back to Earth, since Muuri has agreed to stay and work on his putting. Porunga says that Gokuu refuses to come back to Earth, and says he'll return later. Pikkoro reassures Gohan that Gokuu will return, since he keeps his promises. Muuri recommends that they use the wish to resurrect one of their friends on Kita no Kaio kai. Kaiosama asks which one of them wants to get resurrected. Tenshinhan decides to stay and train, and because of that, Chaozu also decides to stay. Kaiosama tells Buruma to resurrect Yamucha. Dende carries out the wish, and Yamucha, now alive, falls into the pond with Ginyu Taicho/The Frog. He says hello and Buruma is overjoyed. Beijita, who realizes Gokuu is training somewhere else, decides not to waste anymore time and steals Capsule 3 to escape Earth, but nobody really cares about him, so Dr. Briefs doesn't care. 120 days later, Porunga is summoned again. The 1st wish is used to resurrect Chaozu. The 2nd to resurrect Tenshinhan. The 3rd is used to wish for a New Nameksei that all of the Namekseijins are to be transported to. Porunga disappears with the Namekseijins. Dende bids his goodbye to Gohan, and leaves. Everyone is sad that the Namekseijins had to leave, but happy that they found a new home. While Gyuu Mao, Chi-Chi, and Gohan are living their ordinary lives, they all sit out by the stars each night wondering when Gokuu will return to Earth.
-Next: Gariku Juniya becomes Kamisama.

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