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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 106 - Son Gokuu vanishes in the Universe 

Episode: #106 Son Gokuu Vanishes in the Universe.
Series: DBZ Subtitled.
     Hello, my name is Jack Lennyson.
Nameksei is shaking. It has turned to darkness nearly. Mountains are collapsing. The ground is quaking. Lightning is flashing all over. Kaiosama explains to Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu what's happening. He tells them that Gokuu gave Furiza some of his own life force after Furiza was cut down by his own attack, but instead of using this new ki to escape, Furiza used it to continue fighting, and Gokuu killed him. Tenshinhan can't believe what Furiza did, but is happy that Gokuu won, but also jealous that Gokuu is now the strongest man alive, and wants to get as strong as Gokuu. Kaiosama bursts their bubbles now. He explains that while Furiza is dead and Gokuu killed him, he still hasn't won the fight and unless he gets off Nameksei alive, he'll lose since Nameksei will explode in a matter of seconds. Gokuu is heading for Furiza's spaceship because it's closer than his and he'll have much more time to escape. Super Saiyajin Gokuu is flying towards the ship. He sees it hanging on the edge of a cliff ready to split open. He gets inside the beaten up spacecraft and tries to find the control room. The ship is tipping. Gokuu falls over. He makes it inside and starts the ship. He thinks he'll escape in it but then it dies on him. Gokuu repeatedly tries to start it again, but senses that the ship is about to fall. He flies out of the ship just as it falls into the lava below and dissolves. Gokuu is mad that he's going to die now. Kaiosama is shocked. Chaozu is happy that Gokuu wasn't on the ship when it was consumed by the lava but everyone realizes Gokuu will die, even though Kaiosama's antennae have just blew a fuse and he has no way of knowing what's happening on Nameksei for a few seconds. Gokuu vows not to give up in finding a way off of Nameksei but then lava spurts out of the ground. Kaiosama focuses again and realizes that Nameksei is exploding. Gokuu screams in horror as he, the devastated and deserted Namekseijin villages, and his spaceship, and the entire planet explode. Kaiosama tunes into where Nameksei was and informs Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu that Gokuu is dead. Yamucha can't believe it. Kaiosama wonders how to express this to Gohan. Yamucha gets the idea to talk to Buruma. Kaiosama lets Yamucha talk through him to Buruma. Buruma is telling stories to Pikkoro and the other Namekseijins, and Gohan when she hears Yamucha's voice. She thinks he's shrunk in size, but he reassures her that he's still dead and hanging around on Kita no Kaio kai with the other dead warriors(Tenshinhan and Chaozu). He tells Buruma that Gokuu killed Furiza and attempted to escape in his ship, but it died and Gokuu was caught in the explosion and killed. Buruma starts explaining this to the others. Yamucha yells at her for not respecting the dead, but Buruma reassures him that the Nameksei Doragon Boorus can be used to resurrect Gokuu, Kuririn, and Chaozu. Yamucha informs Tenshinhan and Chaozu of the good news that they will all be resurrected. Kaiosama reassures Yamucha, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Buruma however, that this won't help Gokuu or Kuririn. Since Porunga brings people to the place in which they died, and Gokuu and Kuririn died on Nameksei, Nameksei is no longer there and they will only die again, since they can't survive without air. Everyone is shocked. Buruma informs the others of the bad news. Beijita is overjoyed. He knew that Gokuu and Furiza would die soon, which would make him the strongest one alive. Gohan is getting angry. Beijita tells them a story about how he, Napa, and Raditsu used to serve Furiza(remembering how they destroyed Shiksei), and after destroying all life on Shiksei, Furiza rejected them. He also remembers Napa's complaints, and that when Napa and Raditsu told him that Furiza killed his father and their home planet, Beijita already knew but didn't care. Gohan gets mad and attacks Beijita. He punches him in the face. Beijita gets mad and retaliates by punching Gohan in the face and sending him into the ground. Gohan's mouth is bleeding. Beijita gets ready to fire a ki blast that would kill Gohan, but Pikkoro stops him. Dende checks Gohan to see if he's alright, but Gohan still knows his father is alive somewhere in the universe. Is Gokuu really gone?
-Next time: Z Senshi come back to life.



Still in Super Saiyan mode, Goku flies as fast as he can to Frieza's ship.
King Kai, Tien, Yamcha and Chiaotzu all watch as Goku races to the ship.
Goku reaches the ship, searching for the control station.
He blasts his way through doors until he finally gets there.
He presses all sorts of buttons but it won't start.
The ground cracks.
The ship goes on an angle.
Goku climbs up the floors and manages to get out before the ship fell into the lava below.
But then the planet explodes.
On earth, Bulma, Gohan, Piccolo, Dende, Vegeta and all the Nameks wait.
Yamcha is chosen to speak to Bulma and inform her of Goku's demise.
Thinking Namek's dragon balls could revive Goku, Bulma tells Gohan straight away without showing any kind of compassion.
But then King Kai breaks the news that neither Goku or Krillin can be revived because then they'll just end up in the space where Namek used to be, and then they'll just die again.
Suddenly, Guru dies.
He gives his gift of the dragon balls to the second eldest Namek Mauri, Dende's closest family member, apart from Guru, of course.
Vegeta laughs at the fact that Kakarot can't be wished back.
He enrages Gohan and the two fight.
Vegeta elbows Gohan but Gohan punches him hard then does a flying kick.
Vegeta's bleeding.
He powers up and defeats Gohan.
He was about to finish him off but Piccolo stopped him.
The episode ends...

This was sent in by Ryan Gaynor, Australia.


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