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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 105 - The Defeat of Furiza

Episode: #105 The Defeat of Furiza...
Series: DBZ Subtitled.
     Hello my name is Jack Lennyson.
Furiza has lost an arm, his bottom half, and tail, and is floating behind Super Saiyajin Gokuu. Gokuu spared his life by giving him some of his own ki. Furiza asks Gokuu what he thinks will happen with the ki. Gokuu tells him to just go somewhere else to think about his defeat since the fight is over. Furiza starts making wise cracks and says that whether he realizes it or not, he's wasted all this time fighting and now, since Nameksei will explode in less than a minute, he wasted all the time he had to get back to his spaceship, and since Beijita demolished Furiza's, he's going to die when Nameksei explodes. Gokuu vows to find a way off of Nameksei. All of the Namekseijins are waiting to know what will become of their home world now. Gokuu says that he's through here and flies off. Furiza starts shaking in fury. He remembers when Gokuu first came across him after Beijita got beat up, and then how Gokuu analyzed his weaknesses during the first round, and after getting badly beaten made a Genki Dama that knocked the wind out of him, and then killing Kuririn, which provoked Gokuu's anger into causing his transformation into a Super Saiyajin, then how he had to throw the deathball at Nameksei, then after a long fight, Gokuu declaring victory and trying to leave, then how he was cut to ribbons by his own attack, which made Gokuu give him some of his own life force. Furiza is furious that a Saiyajin defeated him. The waves are crashing on what is left of the island where Furiza was cut. He shouts to Gokuu: "MY FATHER WILL DESTROY YOU!!!" and fires a ki blast directly at him. Gokuu gets furious and fires a ki blast right back at Furiza. Furiza's blast is overwhelmed by Gokuu's, and Furiza is hit by the ki blast, and screams a blood curdling scream as he is vaporized by the blast. The blast destroys the island, leaving a deep hole in the ocean. Gokuu realizes his job is done, and flies away. Furiza is dead now, but will Gokuu get off of Nameksei in time?
-Next: Son Gokuu vanishes in the universe.

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