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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 104 - Goku Declares Victory

Name: Richie Macrosse
Series: DBZ Subbed
Episode: #104 Son Gokuu declares victory...Furiza selfdestructs.
Super Saiyajin Gokuu zooms in on Furiza with the Red Kienzan following close behind. Furiza knows that Gokuu is planning to move just before he hits so the blade will cut him instead. As soon as Gokuu moves in, Furiza bends back so he doesn't get hit, saying that's he's not dumb enough to get hit by his own attack(yeah, right). Gokuu descends and Furiza forms another Red Kienzan in his hand since the last one wasn't enough of a challenge for Gokuu. He throws both at Gokuu and Gokuu flies super fast. The blades cut through a pair of islands and then Gokuu attempts to use the same trick again. This time Furiza is more prepared. On Earth, Saichourou is watching the other Namekseijins have peace. (In the American version, this is the episode in which Saichourou dies. However, in the Japanese version, they waited until episode 106: Son Gokuu vanishes in the universe to let Saichourou go.) Some young warrior-type Namekseijins come and tell everyone that Tsuno and his villagers are not on Earth and they have already looked everywhere around. Beijita explains that these were the Namekseijins he killed. Everyone looks at him with fury. He explains that they only wished for the resurrection of those killed by Furiza and his minions, and since he was not serving Furiza, that doesn't include him. Saichourou is saddened that some of his children are still dead, and while he is sweating, he doesn't let it get to him too badly(he dies two episodes later). Elsewhere, Furiza backs away again. Gokuu zooms back down realizing his strategy isn't working and then starts slapping Furiza repeatedly across the face until he's pretty much in submission. 

On Kita no Kaio kai, Kaiosama is rooting for Gokuu in one of the silliest phrases we could ever hear. Chaozu, Yamucha, and Tenshinhan are hoping that he'll win. Gokuu stops slapping Furiza and then kneels him in the gut. Furiza catches his breath and then becomes furious. He is getting ready to attack Gokuu when one of his Red Kienzan discs comes down out of the sky heading for Gokuu. (These things vanish after they cut one person up for some reason.) Furiza is standing right in the middle of its path. Gokuu screams for Furiza to get out of the way but Furiza is cut down by the Kienzan as it cuts right down the middle of him. He is separated into his torso, left arm, tail, and bottom half. He falls to the ground groaning that he was hit by his own attack. On Kita no Kaio kai, Chaozu asks why Kaiosama is cheering so loudly and he explains that Furiza has been cut to ribbons by his own attack in the form of another famous pun. Lightning is striking everywhere on Nameksei. Gokuu stares at what's left of Furiza and shows pity that he had to die this way. He then declares victory and gets ready to leave. Furiza, who is barely hanging onto life, pleads with Gokuu to help him survive. Gokuu stares down at Furiza's top half which is now surrounded by a pool of blood coming from his detached parts. He tells Furiza that he got what was coming to him and won't help. Furiza continues to plead. On Kita no Kaio kai, Kaiosama is rooting for Gokuu not to listen. Furiza continues to plead and beg. Gokuu reminds him of all the people he killed who begged at his knees and died anyway at his hands, including his best friend Kuririn after Gokuu pleaded for Furiza to spare him. Furiza apologizes and keeps trying to plead. Gokuu finally lets some of his ki out to Furiza. Furiza fully opens his eyes, feeling fully restored almost. Gokuu explains that he gave Furiza some of his own life force to live on and he should be able to move. Furiza starts off the ground and floats. Gokuu has spared Furiza's life. But what will Furiza do with this ki?

-Next time: The defeat of Furiza...

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