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Japanese Dragon Ball  - Episode Summaries

Episode 102 - Battle to the end on a dying Planet

Name: Richie Macrosse
Series: DBZ Subbed
Episode: #102 Battle to the end on a dying planet.
Furiza starts blabbing about how Gokuu has sealed his fate by choosing to stay on Nameksei for the remaining 2 minutes it has before it explodes. Gokuu regrets nothing and the final round begins. Super Saiyajin Gokuu and Furiza start exchanging blows. Furiza finally slams Gokuu under his chin and gets him on the ground. Gokuu gets back up and starts exchanging blows with Furiza in the air. Lightning is flashing everywhere. Nameksei is ready to blow up soon. Elsewhere, Kaiosama is confessing to Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu that he told Saichourou to keep Gokuu on Nameksei with Furiza instead of their original plan since Gokuu was so persistent. He makes another comment on how stubborn Gokuu is. Gokuu and Furiza continue to exchange blows and it looks like Gokuu has the upper hand. They fly through a deserted and devastated Namekseijin village and burst right through a demolished house, but neither fighter will give in. Lava has taken over most of the water on one end of Nameksei. 

On Earth, Saichourou explains that Kuririn is dead and cannot be resurrected. Gohan, Buruma, and the Namekseijins are all saddened by this, but Saichourou explains that Shenron cannot resurrect a person he has resurrected once already. Beijita is happy though. He is laughing hysterically because as soon as Nameksei explodes, Gokuu and Furiza will be dead, which makes him the strongest fighter alive. He challenges Gohan to a fight to celebrate, but Buruma yells at him and comments on how Shenron shouldn't have resurrected someone so nasty. She trips over something and falls. She is freaked out by what she falls on and finds none other than Ginyu Taicho/the frog under her stunned. She is scared out of her wits to see him there and throws him into a tree, but he isn't going anywhere. In fact, he's still trying to figure out what just happened. Elsewhere, the frog/Ginyu Taicho is croaking around in the forest, still trying to figure out it's new location. It just hops off somewhere else and is never seen again after this episode. Back at the area where everybody else is, Beijita is still full of it and annoying everybody with comments on how strong he is. Back on Nameksei, Gokuu and Furiza are still fighting to the end. They get to Saichourou's former home, which is all devastated now and fly right through it. The island with the tall mountain falls into the lava and is consumed. Gokuu and Furiza keep exchanging blows until they finally reach a rocky and devastated area. Furiza's lip is cut and he's bleeding some. He announces that he's happy to have met a Super Saiyajin, but while they've been fighting, he's left Gokuu with only one minute to escape Nameksei alive. Will Gokuu beat Furiza and escape Nameksei before it explodes?

-Next time: Pitiful Furiza cannot stop shaking.

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