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Pojo's Dragonball Z - CCG - Tips

Hi Dragonball Z Gamers!  My name is Kane Keller and I have been experimenting with some superb game tactics that I look to share with you.

Well, letís begin with the tips!

Anti- Dragonball Decks

For those irritable Dragonball based winning decks, the key card is Kami Fades. Kami Fades is a Frieza Saga card that reads, ďRemove from the game all dragonballs in play and in all lefe decks.Ē  Consequently, a defense to watch out for is Kami As Your Ally (which removes Kami Fades from the game).  But again, a defense against Kami As Your Ally is Saiyan Appraisal Maneuver. 

Also, in your Anti-Dragonball Deck, it is a good idea to run many physical attacks (which can be found in the Saiyan Saga).  With these physical attacks, use any drill card that creates an extra stage of damage or more (especially Orange Joint Restraint Drill).  To combine these different colors of drill cards, use Gokuís Mixing Drill.  This would allow the opportunity of a huge amount of damage.

The best main personality to use is this deck is Nail.  This is because of his high power level.  Another possibility is to use Goku since he has many physical attacks in the Saiyan Saga (allowing the use of 4 of that card). 

Good luck with your Anti-Dragonball Deck!

Energy Deck Tip

Personally, I enjoy using a energy attack based deck the most.  But problems do arise when facing those huge physical attack decks.  Physical attack decks can leave you helpless to using your energy attacks since there is a power cost involved in perfoming energy attacks.  All I can say is stall until you revive yourself enough to attack or defend well.  If  you know early on that your in trouble, do not use the Dragonballs in your deck!  Since discarded Dragonballs go to the bottom of your life deck, by not using the Dragonballs, you are giving yourself the chance to refrain from getting decked!  It is great if you can stall long enough for your opponent to be self decked!  I hope you experiment with this tip if trouble arises.  And once again Good Luck.

If you havenít already, I recommend buying some Frieza Saga boosters since you can find great cards and tactics inside the packs.

If you have any questions or comments regarding cards, decks, or game play, feel free to e-mail me at

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