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Pojo's Dragonball Z - CCG - Tips

DBZ Deck Strategies

Hi, my name is Travis Keller and I got some pretty good ideas for decks.

If you have a dbz deck that is just not working, you might want to try some of these strategies. For physical decks one of the main cards is Orange Joint Restraint Drill. You might want to have 3 of these in because you will want to get it out quickly. If you only have Saiyan Saga cards then use Goku as a main personality, but if you have a selection of both Saiyan saga and Frieza saga then you might want to us Nail as your main personality. If you have nail then you might as well use energy with that just because nail is so strong. Have about 3 Blazing Angers just to get to higher stages but no more just because they take up too much room. make sure in the Nail deck that you have at least five dragonballs but no cards that get out dragonballs because you will want to have Kame Fades (a card in Frieza Saga) to get rid of all dragonballs.

As for Energy Deck the best main personality would have to be Vegeta. He stops energy attacks and is strong. This sould also be a dragonball deck. you would want to have all the dragonballs in this deck and 4 Vegetaís Smirks, 3 Gokuís Lucky Break, and 3 Vegetaís Plans to get all your dragonballs out fast. You would want Kame As Your Ally in your deck to get rid of Kame Fades.  Make sure this is also a power up deck and you will be soon winning more games.

Cards needed in every deck:

1.   Saiyan Truce Card (very important)

2.   At least one ally

3.   Tiens Physical Attack (Energy attack but no stage cost)

4.   Main Personality 1-4 (Unless Nail or Guldo deck)

5.   Blazing Anger (Always need a anger helper)

6.   Terrible Wounds (make sure your opponent doesnít go up a stage)

7.   Krillinís Drill (You can more than one in play)

If you have any questions or need help with decks, email me at

Or for more information, go to for help and news updates.

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