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Pojo's Dragonball Z - CCG - Tips

Top 10 Frieza Saga Cards
by Joshua Minnon

#1 Kami Fades -- Tired of losing to Dragon Ball decks? Run 3 of these 
puppies, and you won't have to fear. Kami Fades removes all Dragon Balls in 
play, and in every player's deck from the game. This card is great for 
survival decks, and even some anger decks.

#2 Black Energy Stamina Drill -- This is a must have for any deck that 
focuses on energy attacks. It reduces the cost of all energy attacks to 
only 1 power stage! That is amazing. And, since it's a drill, you may use 
it every time you make an energy attack.

#3 Villain Teamwork Drill -- This is another good card that helps combat 
Dragon Ball decks. It limits the amount of Dragon Balls your opponent can 
play to 1 per turn. Plus, if you are playing with Saibaimen (or if they are 
in play anywhere), all of your Hero opponent's must play with their hands 
face up during Combat.

#4 This Too Shall Pass -- This card is amazing. It stops the effect of any 
non-Dragon Ball card, and it removes that card from the game. Plus you may 
use it at any time. It can stop an attack, or it can stop one of your 
opponent's blocking cards. It can also stop things like Roshi's Calming, or 
Terrible Wounds, or even Kami Fades.

#5 The Plan -- If you don't want play allies, or you are tired of getting 
beaten down by them, this is a great replacement for them. "The Plan" 
forces all of your opponent's to discard all of their allies in play. This 
card can be a lifesaver.

#6 Krillin's Concentration -- If you wait until your opponent is out of 
blocking cards, this can be really good. It's a Non-Combat card that allows 
you to get 1 Combat card out of your deck, and put it in your hand. So, you 
can go get a huge energy attack, or a strong physical attack, and apply the 

#7 Goku's Super Saiyan Blast -- Cards like this, that stop a physical or 
energy attack, are must have's in every deck. Plus, if you have Goku's 
Mixing Drill in play, this may also be used as an energy attack, which adds 
a lot more versatility to the deck.

#8 Yamcha's Skillful Defense -- Yet another card that stops a physical or 
energy attack. These are so much better than normal cards that block 
either/or, and they don't count against Tokui-Waza. It doesn't have any 
added effects, but it is still worthy of a Top 10 spot.

#9 Piccolo's Stomp -- This is one of the better energy attacks in the game. 
It does 5 life cards of damage, for 2 power stages, and it can't be 
blocked/prevented by Main Personality powers. Vegeta's HT Level 1 can't 
stop it, nor can Raditz Level 1. Plus, if you are playing with Piccolo's 
Flight (another good card), then the attack does 7 life cards of damage.

#10 Tien's Jolting Aura -- This is a good energy attack, that has a nice 
benefit. It is a normal energy attack that does 4 life cards, for 2 power 
stages, plus, if Tien is in play anywhere, you may draw a card. Tien's 
Level 3 is out now, which makes Tien a playable character. Throw in cards 
like Tien's Physical Attack and this card, and you might have yourself a 
killer deck.

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