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Saiyan Right Punch


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Average Score: 4

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Date Reviewed - 05.18.06


Mr. Buu


Saiyan Right Punch

Combat, Physical

(Physical attack for AT damage) 2: Your other Saiyan styled attacks do +1 damage this turn.

Yay for school being out, now my only excuse for not doing CotDs will be laziness… And we all know I wont be guilty of that, now don’t we?

Saiyan Right Punch is a fun card. Short, sweet, simple, and of course, to the point. You have an AT for 2, which really equates to a 7 for most decks using this card, which if you count mods, will likely be a 9 or 10. This is a beatstick for Saiyan, and it helps to pump up other beatsticks by adding 1 damage. 1 damage sounds little, but it adds up over time, especially with Saiyan. Simply put, it’s a good card in many Saiyan decks and works well with the new Piccolo… Then again, aside from supports, what doesn’t?

I’d run it in a good bit of Saiyan decks at the moment, unless you plan on going with the old Raditz archtype. Then again, you really shouldn’t do that, so run this.
GDK Saiyan Right Punch

This card goes into nearly every Saiyan deck I know. 2 stages to do AT damage is good in this game, but it also adds to the aggresiveness of Saiyan by adding damage to the rest of your attacks for a combat. That could end up being huge if done correctly, and can even end the game with how many attacks Saiyan can use in one combat.



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