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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

Dragon Ball Protector



Card Ratings
Average Score: 3.4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.30.06

AJC468 Gohan«, Dragon Ball« Protector

Card Number: 17
Card Type: Personality - Ally
Rarity: Common
Expansion: Transformation

Card Text:

Saiyan, Human CONSTANT - If you have only Saiyans, your energy attacks and refocused energy attacks do +1 damage. If you have only Humans, your physical attacks and refocused physical attacks do +1 damage.

Picture the new Krillin ally and Vegeta's level 1 ally from Arrival combined into one new ally with a few strings attached and you have Gohan, Dragon Ball Protector.  Sadly, those strings, while few in number, don't do anything for Gohan's playability.  Is he playable?  Kind of, but only in a -very- limited manor.  The following of list of every style and Gohan's compatibility in them:

Namekian: There are very few Namekian decks that would benefit from the new Gohan ally.  Most popular MP choices for Namekian can not even make use of Gohan's effect, and they generally have much better allies to choose from.  Saiyan team decks with Raditz/Vegeta/Goku as their MP might find some use in Gohan because Namekian has more playable energy attacks than physicals, but in doing so they would have to give up the use of Recoome.

Saiyan: Another style that uses more energy attacks than physicals.  The problem here is that Saiyan is an offensive style, so adding damage to refocusing is of little to no use.  As a result, Vegeta's Arrival ally accomplishes everything that Gohan does and more, and this limits Gohan to only seeing play in Vegeta Saiyan decks.

Blue: Blue uses mainly physical attacks, so Gohan could provide a reasonable benefit to a Blue human team.  The only playbable human team in Blue is Tien/Chiaoztu/Yamcha, but running Gohan means giving up Yamcha.  Blue benefits greatly from Yamcha's Stance as it has little support hate of its own, and Yamcha's power is quite nice as well.  Thus, Gohan isn't really needed here either, but he -might- be worth trying out.

Orange: It's hard to see Gohan being used here as Orange isn't very good to begin with, and it could stand to benefit more from the stage gain of Recoome.  I guess some crazy Orange beats deck could make it work, but that remains to be seen.

Red: Red uses a balance of physical attacks and energy attacks, so Gohan's power will only be half as effective.  However, Red also uses a balance of refocusing and attacking, so that evens things out...right?  Wrong.  Piccolo, Burter, and perhaps Krillin, are the best MPs for Red, and out of these only Krillin can even make use of Gohan's effect.  Generally speaking, Krillin has better options for allies than Gohan, and Burter/Piccolo are better MPs for the style to begin with.

Black: To the best of my knowledge humans are worthless in Black, so that leaves saiyan team.  Black uses more physical attacks than energies, so Gohan really isn't all that great here.  It could work in Raditz Black, but Vegeta ally is just plain better unless you have to have Gohan's Anger or something.

The Final Verdict:

As you might have gathered, there are very few decks that can even make use of Gohan, Dragonball Protector.  When Trunks and Goten personalites are released he might not be half bad, but until then: use with caution, or do not use at all.
GDK Gohan-Dragon Ball Protector

Gohan has a very interesting ability. If he is put into an all Human deck all physical attacks and refocused physical attacks do +1 damage, and in an all Saiyan personality deck, all energy attacks and refocused energy attacks do +1 damage. For right now, we can only get one or the other effect off of him, but when we see more Human/Saiyan personalities, both effects will be used. For now, though, we are stuck with one or the other, but that's not bad.

Justin Cardoza Gohan:

Gohan is very interesting....he also goes along with my theme of "promoting the game" this week. =P He gives a sign of what is to come in Dragon Ball Z.
This shows that Score is thinking ahead for future cards that they'll make....which is more than I can say for Yu Yu Hakusho. o_O

Anyways, Gohan will only get better as time goes on. At some point, we will be able to have 3 personalitie's all with the Saiyan and Human trait. Once Trunks and others come out, his power will really be able to work to its fullest.

As for right now, he's not exactly the greatest of personalities out there.
He's solid for a Saiyan or Human line-up; but even in a Saiyan line-up I'd rather take Vegeta over Gohan as I will rarely be refocusing.

Overall: 2.3/5
Art: 3.2/5 Better....


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