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- Ginyu Force Member



Card Ratings
Average Score: 4.35

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.28.06

GDK Recoome-Ginyu Force Member

This ally can help out many decks. He creates a new way to gain 2 stages, even if you do have to take 3 damage. This isn't at all too bad, as now people don't have to make a Namekian styled deck to have consistent stage gain, which opens a whole new slew of deck archtypes that will be used. And on top of that, Recoome's Pose isn't a bad idea to include in a deck, either.

Justin Cardoza Recoome:

Back again with some more Transformation for you guys to think over! In addition to simply reviewing a great card in this set to start off the week though, I'd like to make a statement....

In many people's eyes, they believe that this game isn't worth "wasting" the money on to play. On the contrary. Score Ent. has always been a horrid company that isn't exactly great at doing it's job (i.e.- Advertising, Product Management, etc.). That is also why many people shy away from this game, as they believe that Score Ent. will end up being the game's demise.
Well, if people would give this game a chance, then the game cannot fail. As much as Score doesn't advertise their game, the game itself is EXTREMELY solid as far as gameplay mechanics. Many decks at this point in the game are now playable, and there are many different strategies to look over when building your decks. The Old Z was great with only a few good decks at this point....but Re-Z has many decks that all have the potential to be tournament viable.

How is this relavant to this card review? Well Recoome, Ginyu Force Member, is one of those cards that gives each and every deck type out that a little bit more "kick" so that they can be playable. Namekian for the longest time was the only way of being able to consistantly gain extra stages every turn through some sort of effect or "power". Recoome has now made it so that each deck can now have an effect that will enable them to have 2 more stages every combat, just like Namekian does.

Although his effect does come at the cost of 3 damage, that shouldn't be a problem in today's extremely fast environment. With game's at major events sometimes ending within 3 combats or so, 3 extra damage won't be too difficult to muster.

Not to mention that with the Ginyu Force he essentially gives the Captain 7 PUR. =P Gotta love 'em....

Overall: 4.7/5
Art: 1.5/5 o_O


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