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Date Reviewed - 03.23.06


Mr. Buu
Yay Dende. At first glance you see this card and you think "EW". Allow me to rectify this. He is not Recoome. He is not Vegeta. He is not Gohan. He is Dende. What do I mean by that? He is different from all of these, just as they are different from each other. These are arguably the staple allies, with the possible exception of Dende. Recoome offers stages. Vegeta offers mods. Gohan offers quick damage as well as a nice named card. Dende offers free regen and access to even more, not so free yet bigger regen. Yet he truely shines in Team Namekian. Obviously Team Namekian centers around Piccolo, Nail, Dende, and the Namekian style (one of the new cookie cutters -_-' ). How does he shine there? He is their discard manipulation. By himself, he is just good. With Piccolo, he evil. Why? Because now Piccolo can choose between the top 2 cards of your discard pile at all times. This makes locks easier to set up and enforce. Not to mention the named card he has that offers good regen on a larger scale. This helps to further set up Piccolo's power for locks and stuffs. As if Piccolo needed the help...

All in all, he is a great ally for some decks. He's free and he is really nice with Piccolo. Combine him with Recoome ally, Piccolo MP, and a lot of luck, and you've got a solid set up.
GDK Dende-Namekian Healer

Dende's only personality in the game. I like this personality, as he adds a little bit of regeneration to any deck you add him to. Also, he tutors for his named card, which is not too bad of a card. His power levels are his big downfall, but you shouldn't be running him for that reason.

Justin Cardoza Dende

Continuing with the Namek Team week, we have Dende. He's more of a personal preference for me more than anything, since I just love him!

This Dende ally really stands for what Dende does. He is constantly regenerating cards back into your deck, while quitely staying off to the side. Trust me, after a few turns those cards might end up mattering. =\

Other than that, the actual reasons why he's good are few and far between.
Namely because there's only two reasons. One, is that if playing the Namek team, if you search out his named card you can regenerate 6 cards. Not too shabby. Considering that 3 copie's can be played, and Namekian certainly has the stages to spare to pay for the card, 18 cards being regenerated can definitely help. Add in a bit of Piccolo's Regeneration because he's you MP and voila! You'll never die! =P

Last but not least, if you play him alongside Piccolo and Nail, you get the full benefits of Namekian Collection which would gain you a net of 6 stages for 0 cost. Definitely not too bad....

I like him, but he's really not that great.

Un-Biased Overall: 3/5

Biased Overall: 4.5/5

Art: 1.5/5 They could have found a better picture.


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