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Krillin - Smiling Warrior


Card Ratings
Average Score: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.17.06

GDK Krillin-Smiling Warrior

The only Human Mp with a PUR of 5, and he isn't too bad of a personality. He gets you access to his named cards, which are all pretty good. His power is even pretty good, as 1 stage for 3 damage can be good as either an attack or a cheap refocus. His base damage for the attack table is really his only drawback as he will always do a base of 1 damage, but that can be worked around, by either making an Orange deck for him, or running a deck where he does very little AT damage attacks. Overall, he is a good choice for just about any deck.

Justin Cardoza Krillin:

Well, here we go with another week of reviews. Actually, this is also the same week that the new expansion set for Re-Z (Transformation) is coming out! Go buy a ton of it while ya' can!

But anyways; on to Krillin....

Surprisingly enough, although Krillin has a mediocre power at best, his PUR easily makes up for it. Although we don't know what will be coming for us in the next set, I can say that throughout Arrival and Showdown Krillin has held his own time and time again. He can be found in many decks for two reasons, one of which I've already stated, and that's is his PUR of 5.

The other reason is the fact that he's a "Human" personality. When you think about it, that is an extremely big advantage within today's deck-type's.
Already with a PUR of 5, his "Human" trait adds even more stage gain to his already "stage-plentiful" self. =P Having line-up's with him like Tien and Gohan provides the perfect support that you'd need for say....a Black deck, which seems to need all of the stages that it can possibly get.

As of right now this card is definitely great, as his named cards also provide a good amount of support for a few different deck-type's, but I can't say what he'll be like once Transformation comes out. Who knows what new personalitie's will surface!

Overall: 4/5
Art: 0/5 BLEH!


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