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Chiaotzu-Energy Charged


Card Ratings
Average Score: 1.75

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3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.15.06

GDK Chiaotzu-Energy Charged

Chiaotzu's ally level is prety much useless in all but one capacity: an ally to Tien's Mp. There should be no reason to run him in any other deck. But what he does for Tien is give him a +1 to his PUR, making Tien a 5 PUR personality, and making Tien's power cost one less stage to perform. Even Chiaotzu's named card isn't enough to make him worth it to run in a deck without the Tien Mp, so he is stuck in Tien deck only.

Justin Cardoza Chazzy:

Chazzy here is well....chazzy! Whatever that means anyways....

In my opinion, Chazzy is just too plain and situational. In order for him to work, your line-up is practically pre-determined before you even make your deck. Even then, playing him doesn't neccesarily provide you with any immediate advantage's either.

Most personalitie's that are being played currently, all have 5 PUR. It's practically a "staple" now that your personality has a PUR of 5. Why?
Because stages are the most important thing in the game! With Chazzy, sure, Tien now has 5 PUR and can use his power, but why bother when you have other personalitie's that already start with 5 PUR and save you the Ally spot in your line-up!?

Although he does allow Tien to essentially work to his fullest potential, he's certainly out-dated and definitely won't get better any time soon.
Hopefully they'll come out with a better Chazzy at some point to make the original Tien more playable! =)

Overall: 1.5/5
Art: 0/5 Yuck....


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