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Prepared Z Warrior


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Average Score: 3

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Date Reviewed - 03.14.06

GDK Tien-Prepared Z Warrior

The Mp of Tien, and it just so happens that he isn't half bad. His power does 2 damage for two stages (one if you use Chiaotzu, which with this Mp, you will be) and draws you a card. And he also has pretty good base damage of 2-3 with AT attacks. Tien also allows you to use Tien's Help, the best card if you're running humans. This doesn't mean that he doesn't have his drawbacks. First of all, Tien doesn't have too many named cards. Too hurt him a little more, you are stuck running Chiaotzu as well to make his power cost one less stage and the +1 to Tien's PUR of 4 that the Chiaotzu ally gives Tien, leaving only one more space open for an ally. Tien, overall, is a pretty good Mp that has a few advantages over other Mp choices.

Justin Cardoza Tien:

This is probably about the most average card that you'll ever see in any game. No matter what, he still ends up having good traits and then bad traits to cancel those good traits out. Let's go through them as if we were playing his buddy Chazzy along side him.

Good Traits:

+ Draws A Card
+ Attack Costs 1 Stage
+ PUR Gains +1
+ Great Named Card

Bad Traits:

- 1 Useful Less Ally
- Bad Named Card w/ Ally
- Bad Cost:Damage Ratio (Only 2 Damage)
- Low Power Stages

And let me just note, that having 1 less useful Ally can be a BIG advantage to your opponent. This is why Ginyu Force should be good. ~_^

Tien is outdated along with his friend. He was hot in the first set, but now with other personalities' with 5 PUR and better effects, he's simply just not worth it. He is still userful though, don't get me wrong.

Overall: 2/5
Art: 1/5 Ugh....


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