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Saiyan Prepared Block


Card Ratings
Average Score: 117

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.30.06

GDK Saiyan Prepared Block

This is an amazing card. Being able to get a Saiyan styled attack from the discard pile into your hand is good, and it costs only three stages, one stage if you have a level two or higher main personality. It's removed from the game after use, but in a fast, hard-hitting style, you shouldn't need to use this card more than once before your opponent is feeling the hurt of another good attack. If your discard pile has many cards in it when you play this card, you can then grab what you need for the any given situation. This should be in every Saiyan style deck.

Official InuYasha TCG Playtester
Saiyan Prepared Block 117

(Remove from the game after use. If your MP is level 2 or higher, this card costs 1 stage instead.) 3, Mastery: Stop an energy attack. Put a Saiyan styled attack from your discards into your hand.
 Combat - Energy

This card is great in "Goku, 100x Gravity Trained" and "Vegeta, Oozaru"
Saiyan styled decks. The ability to stop an attack at the cost of 1 power stage is normally considered very useful, especially if stopping a card like "Namekian Face Blast" when you have a "Saiyan Happiness" in play, but you also get the uncanny ability to pull any saiyan attack from your discard pile. Talk about a game swinger. This should give you that extra attack to gain stages, or even to beatdown the opponent and win the game.
Unfortunantly, it's really only cost efficient with a level 2 personality or higher. Paying those 3 power stages can be considered quite expensive in a level 1 deck.




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