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Blue Face Annihilation


Card Ratings
Average Score: 3.00

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Date Reviewed - 01.24.06


Mr. Buu
Blue Face Annihilation
Card Number: 91
Card Type: Combat - Physical
Rarity: Rare
Expansion: Showdown
Card Text:
(This card costs -1 stage for each Blue styled Support you have in play.) 6 (Physical attack doing 15 damage):

Ah and now we have a new week with more decent cards. Today we have Blue Face Annihilation. This card, simply put, is powerful. A 6 for 15 is nothing to scoff at, specially considering it’s physical and it’s blue. That said, most of the time, 6 stages seems like a bit too much to pay for an attack unless it’s a finisher. But does this card complain? No. It also makes your Supports a bit more cost efficient. To be fair, this card can be a 17 for 0 or can be a 15 for 6. It’s potent to say the least. Average case scenario, I’ll just say it’ll most likely be a 17 for about 3ish. Stages are so important that if a support is to be played, it had better be one of two things: really good or free. Since it has to be Blue Styled, it will have to rely on it being good. And we do have good supports, so this card doesn’t have to worry about losing much power in that aspect. Just watch out for random removal. In all honesty, I wouldn’t expect this card to ever be free. I might just being pessimistic, but I just think that this card has too much requirements for that. But I can definitely handle a 17 for 3 or something like it. Either way, if you are running blue, you should run this card. It’s a high damage card that can be just wrong in cheapness.

-Mr. Buu
GDK Blue Face Annihilation

A huge Blue attack, and it's not that horrible. The damage on this card and its cost make it like Saibaimen's finisher, except the Unstoppable and Successful- Capture part. But it has the distinct advantage in that its cost can be lowered by having Blue style supports in play. This is one of the only redeeming qualities of the card, the other being a small finisher damage wise. With the current way blue is played, however, this card will see little if any use.



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