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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

Red Left Kick


Card Ratings
Average Score: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.16.06

GDK Red Left Kick

Reds major stage gaining card. This is a pretty good card, but it does have its downsides. First, is that it's limited one per deck. Another thing is that this attack has to be successful, and finally, you must discard a card from your hand to gain the stages. This makes the card very iffy, but should always be in a red deck.


Mr. Buu
Red Left Kick
Card Number: 228
Card Type: Combat - Physical
Rarity: Rare
Expansion: Arrival
Card Text:
(Limit 1 per deck. Remove from game after use.) 3, Mastery (Physical doing AT damage): SUCCESSFUL - Discard a Red styled card from your hand to gain X stages. X = the base damage of the discarded card.

Yay, we kick off this week with a good card. Today’s card, Red Left Kick.

Red (decent) Left Kick is a Physical (good) doing AT damage (fair) for 3 (bleh) with a successful effect (decent) that allows you to gain stages (great). Red is a decent style in it’s own respect, having good refocusing and some nice combos. Most good cards are Physicals in this game, though that really doesn’t have much importance unless you are Blue or using Zarbon Ally. I guess it could be removed by Raditz, but it would be removed anyways, so that’s a moot point. AT damage can be good and it can be bad. It’s good if you are running a decent Level 3. It’s bad if you are running a weak Level 1 with 2 weak Level 1 allies. That’s the basic gist of it. Though, a lot of peeps will be using Vegeta, so it does get the +1 mod. Then you have the secondary effect. The effect is good and it is bad. The idea of gaining stages, even at the discard of a card, is great. The small downside is that it is slightly situational. Best case scenario is you drop a huge red attack with, say, 13 base damage and gain 10 stages. Worst case scenario is you only have a card with 2 or less damage, causing you to break even. Average Scenario is that you drop a card somewhere in between to break even or net anywhere from 1 to 5 stages. That alone makes it worth running. Stages are very important, and this card does help you out in that aspect. All in all, if you are running Red, you will find room.

-Mr. Buu
AJC468 Red Left Kick

Card Number: 228
Card Type: Combat - Physical
Rarity: Rare
Expansion: Arrival
Card Text:
(Limit 1 per deck. Remove from game after use.) 3, Mastery: SUCCESSFUL - Discard a Red styled card from your hand to gain X stages. X = the base damage of the discarded card.

(Tired of all the relatively short COTD’s lately?  This is the longest COTD you will ever read.)

Everything you’d ever want to know about Red Left Kick:

I have had the misfortune of being on the other end of this attack more times than I can reasonably remember.  Needless to say, Red Left Kick is the bane of my existence, and I have lost many a game to a *cough* certain person's *cough* Red deck because he top decked this card within the first 1-3 turns of the game.  Consistently, I might add, but that's a rant best saved for another time.

Red Left Kick transforms Red, normally considered the weakest style and also the most defensive, into a nigh unstoppable fiend of death bent upon mass destruction of the innocent.  This is provided you can draw Red Left Kick and prevent your opponent from blocking it, and you'd also wish there was some Red styled card that made your attacks cost less so you could go all out and win that combat.  

Oh wait.  Red has all three of those.  Darn.

1. Red Double Kick - 4, Mastery: Search your life deck for up to 2 Red style card and put them in your hand. (Damage: 8)

The bread and butter of any Red deck.  Red Double Kick is broken beyond belief, and it single handily allows Red to search for almost everything it needs to pull off a massive Red Left Kick combo.  It can even search for itself.

2. Red Leaping Kick - 1, Successful: Name a card.  Search your opponent's hand for any copies of that card and discard them. (Damage: 1)

Picture this - You have 1 physical block currently in your hand.  You have a bad feeling your opponent has Red Left Kick in his.  You are holding that block just in case.  Your opponent plays Red Leaping Kick.  You now have 2 equally bad choices: 1. Stop leaping kick with the physical block you were holding. 2.  Let leaping kick hit and pray that your opponent names the wrong physical block.  Even if he does, he has now seen your entire hand, knows you have a physical block, and can plan his strategy around whatever you currently have.  It's a lose-lose situation.

3. Red Beatdown - 2, (remove from the game after use): If you Refocus with this attack, then for the rest of the turn your Red styled attacks cost -1 stage to a minimum of 1. (Damage: 4)

Red Beatdown can single handed win Red the game in a Left Kick combat.  Refocusing 4 damage for 1 stage is already quite nice, but making all of your Red styled attacks cost 1 less for the turn is simply amazing.  This card allows Red to obtain a temporary level of offensive power that rivals the best of the best, and it creates a few helpful combos that I will mention in just a moment.

I have now mentioned the three cards that best help Red to setup a key turn with Red Left Kick.  Now I will discuss a few other cards that are needed once Red Left Kick has been played:

1. Red Right Kick - 6: Your opponent takes 2 damage. (Damage: 13)

Red Right Kick is not the best attack ever made.  It deals nice damage, but it truly is a bit too expensive for ordinary use.  The primary reason that any Red deck would run this card is to discard it with Red Left Kick.  This gives you a net gain of 10 (or 11 with Red Beatdown in effect) stages from Red Left Kick.  Gaining this many stages at once, especially early game, allows you to quickly overwhelm your opponent.  Note:  Red Ki Ball can be used in place of this card provided you can live with gaining 3 less stages.

2. Red Knee Strike - 2, Successful: You may discard a support in play and gain 2 stages. (Damage: 2)

At first glance Red Knee Strike seems like a reasonable bargain, but perhaps not something that would be of vital importance during a Red Left Kick turn.  It deals a small amount of damage and pays for itself if it hits.  Discarding a support is pretty nice as well, but why is it on this list?  Simple.  Red Beatdown + Red Knee Strike = 1 stage net gain.  More stages = more attacks.  More attacks = win.

3. Red Breakout - 3, (remove from the game after use) Successful: Shuffle up to 3 Red styled cards from your discards into your Life Deck.

Once gain we have another Red styled attack that does not seem very good offensively, but proves to be extremely important in keeping a Red Left Kick combo going.  Why?  Shuffle in all those Red Knee Strikes/Double Kicks and use them again.

Before I bring this lengthy COTD to a close, I'd like to demonstrate exactly how an optimal Red Left Kick combo should work:

Let's say you have just gained 13 stages from Red Left Kick.  Red Beatdown is also in effect, but these 13 stages are all you have.  You run Vegeta as an ally to increase the damage of all your attacks by 1.  The only card you need in your hand is Red Double Kick.

Note: Red Breakout might need to be played before this combo begins in order to have x3 Red Knee Strike and x2 Red Double Kick in your deck.  Also note that is an optimal combo and is primarily effective early game.  I've had it used on me before and let's just say it hurts. /=

1. Red Double Kick - Getting Red Knee Strike and Red Double Kick.
Total Damage: 9
Total Stages: 10 (13-3)

2. Red Knee Strike - Net gain of 1 stage.
Total Damage: 3
Total Stages: 11 (10+1)

3. Red Double Kick - Getting Red Double Kick and Red Breakout.
Total Damage: 9
Total Stages: 8 (11-3)

4. Red Breakout - Shuffling Red Knee Strike and Red Double Kick x2.
Total Damage: 5
Total Stages: 6 (8-2)

5. Red Double Kick - Getting Red Double Kick and Red Knee Strike.
Total Damage: 9
Total Stages: 3 (6-3)

6. Red Knee Strike - Net gain of 1 stage.
Total Damage: 3
Total Stages: 4 (3+1)

7. Red Double Kick - Getting Red Knee Strike and Red Jump Kick.
Total Damage: 9
Total Stages: 1 (4-3)

8. Red Knee Strike - Net gain of 1 stage.
Total Damage: 3
Total Stages: 2 (1+1)

9. Red Jump Kick
Total Damage: 9
Total Stages: 0 (2-2)

Total Damage: 59

The Final Verdict:

Anyone that plays a Red Styled deck should run Red Left Kick.  Truly a staple despite the difficulty of pulling it off.



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