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Bulma™'s Angry Barrage


Card Ratings
Average Score: 2

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Date Reviewed - 01.09.06


Mr. Buu

Bulma™'s Angry Barrage
Card Number: 14
Card Type: Combat - Physical
Rarity: Common
Expansion: Showdown
Card Text:
(Unstoppable.) (Physical attack doing 0 damage) 2: This attack deals +X damage. X = the number of Freestyle cards in your discards to a max of 10.


We kick off a new week with Bulma’s Angry Barrage.  Just a note, I’ve decided to take a leaf from AJC’s book and not do a score on the individual cards anymore.  This is mainly to entice people to read instead of just skimming and looking at the scores, due to the fact that cards do change as sets release, for better or for worse.  And now, onto the card.  Bulma’s Angry Barrage is a physical (good) that is freestyle (good) but named (bad) after one of the least powerful MPs (bad).  The good news is that as Bulma does have a decent ally, and as this card is cheap, you can use it anyways.  That already leaves it balanced out.  As you know, most of your Freestyle cards are named cards.  This automatically insures that this card is best if you are running 2 allies.  A potential of 10 damage for one card is not bad at all.  You could even run her with Yamcha ally and another human MP for semi-decent results.  That said, it is Bulma.  Neither of her powers have a lot of punch in terms of effect or damage.  And she would be taking up a valuable ally spot.  That said, her other named card basically morphs into any other Named Event that you could want; and with some of the possible combinations that could be deadly.  All in all, since Bulma is an ally somewhat worth considering, you should also consider this card.  It could have good results.  Also, Freestyle did get some unnamed attacks which is VERY good for decks as it offers more variety.  One of those cards might make it’s way here this week…


So, I’ll end the review with this:  if you want to run Bulma, you will run this card as it is possible to perform a 2 for 5 attack early and a 2 for 10 attack late game.  Otherwise, it’s not really useful as it’s named. 


-Mr. Buu

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GDK Bulma's Angry Barrage

Bulma's finisher can be the most cost efficient finisher in the game. This is also an easy way to deal an unstoppable ten damage late game, but at the cost of Successful-Capture. Any deck which uses a lot of freestyle cards benefit from this card. If you have at least twelve freestyle cards in your deck, go ahead and throw this card (and the Bulma ally if you don't use her MP) in your deck.



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