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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

Interplanetary Conqueror





Card Ratings
Average Score: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.06.06

AJC468 Frieza, Interplanetary Conqueror: 2, For this turn, your other attacks performed by Aliens do +1 damage.

Ah, Alien allies.  Frieza's new level 1 ally supports an Alien team by providing a better version of the Goku/Raditz ally powers, but neither of those allies see much, if any, play.  Does Frieza's power improve enough over his predecessors to see some use?

Just barely.  Unlike Raditz and Goku, Frieza's power is actually useful when refocusing.  Not only does his energy attack have a -base- damage of 5, but its one effect is quite similiar to Saiyan Right Punch in that it increases the damage of all of your -other- attacks (provided they are performed by Aliens) by 1.  What does this mean?  Frieza's power is just as useful when refocusing as it is when attacking, and this is something that many other allies can not claim.  

The only bad thing about Frieza's power is its cost, which can sometimes prove difficult to pay.  Generally speaking, I'd prefer it if his power did a few less damage in exchange for a much more affordable cost of 1, but Frieza fails to deliver in this regard.  When an ally's power costs 2 stages, it better be justify the cost by doing something fairly remarkable.  Frieza's power is just an attack and a small modifier rolled into one ability, and while it certainly is good, it doesn't quite live up to the high standards set by Nappa's level 1 ally.  Even the situational use of Tien's level 1 ally seems more appealing to me if only because running Tien gives you access to Tien's Help.

The Final Verdict:

Frieza, Interplanetary Conqueror is a must have in every Alien deck.  Why such high praise?  Frieza is generally your only choice for an ally in an Alien deck unless you are running Zarbon or Saibaimen.  Oh...I guess that leaves Dodoria for your main personality.  Frieza is a must have ally in every Dodoria deck.  The variety, it kills me.  At least Frieza's Reinforcements can be pretty good in the right deck.  I mean, it is one of the few cards that can be played at a reduced cost when used with Bulma's level 1 MP.  That doesn't change the fact that Bulma is quite possible the worst MP in the game right now, but it is neat isn't it?  Go-go semi-infinite Bulma's Angry Barrage!  An above average ally in Alien decks, but just about worthless in everything else.  

Note:  Frieza's power level is crazy.  It jumps by 12,000 in 5 stages, so please keep in mind that your base may decrease by a large amount when you pay the two stages to use his power.  Gotta love that infinitly scary pl of 500 at 1 above.  Very scary.
GDK Frieza, Interplanetary Conqueror

This is an alright ally in the right deck. He adds damage to attacks performed by aliens and it is a pretty good energy attack. The down side to him is that his power costs two stages to perform and it only benefits aliens. But if you are running aliens, there really isn't too many choices right now, so use him.

Rob f Frieza - Interplanetary Conqueror

today we review the the first of the alien allies. not much to say for allies. he has decent power stages for allies, but odds are you won't be attacking too much with him. his main use is his attack, which is a 5 for 2 energy attack. it has a bonus effect, boosting the attacks maid by your aliens +1 damage. as i've mentioned before, every little damage is important. He works well with either of the other aliens, and can work well with vegeta, sayian warrior for more damage. however, dealing 2 stages to an ally might not happen alot. giving up half of the MP's PUR to do 5 damage is risky.



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