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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

Dodoria, Big Pinky


Card Ratings
Average Score: 4.03

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.05.06

AJC468 Dodoria, Big Pinky:  Constant - After one of your successful energy attacks deals damage, you may remove from the game a Combat Event or Support in your opponent's discards.

Dodoria, Big Pinky.





Dodoria, Big Pinky, besides having an exceedingly stupid name, is basically an inferior version of Raditz's level 1.  About the only thing Dodoria has going for him is his PUR of 5, yet his heritage and available named cards serve only to bring him down.  Sealing the deal is his rather unremarkable power, which certainly isn't terrible, but lacks the flair and usefulness of other level 1 MPs.

This isn't to say that Raditz is used for his power either.  Sure, it can be useful, but the real reason Raditz sees play is because he combines a PUR of 5 with some of the best allies in the game.  Team Saiyan specializes in both draw power (Nappa) and modifiers (Vegeta), but with whom does Dodoria work best?  Being of Alien heritage, the only allies he really combos with are Frieza and Zarbon; neither of which have remarkable powers.  Herein lies the true problem of Team Alien.  Said team shares neither the stage gain of Humans nor the draw power of Saiyans, but opts instead to do nothing particularly well.  In fact, Dodoria's power seems tailor made for energy attacks, but Zarbon increases the damage of physical attacks only.  There is not a drop of synergy to be found. =/

The Final Verdict:

Dodoria, Big Pinky is just begging to be used in Blue.  With his named card, Dodoria's Empowering Rage, making all of his attacks count as energy attacks for card effects, you can at least combo it with Blue Forceful Mastery for hilarious results.  Frieza's named card even let's you get it back once the effect wears off making for almost never ending fun, or you could just use Raditz instead because he's better in almost every way imaginable.  Well, Dodoria's finisher does -1- more damage, so I guess Dodoria has one thing going for him.  Not really, but there is still a glimmer of hope for the “Big Pinky”.  The next set is supposedly chock full of Aliens, so perhaps Dodoria will see more use if better allies are provided for him.  Until then, Dodoria is mediocrity at its best.
GDK Dodoria, Big Pinky

This MP is pretty good in certain decks. With his power, it makes your successful energy attacks remove from the game either a support or event from your opponents discard pile. This could be useful as there are a lot of good supports and events in the game. But there are only a few styles that have enough good energy attacks to put his power to good use, except freestyle. And he is the only MP with a PUR of 5 and high power levels.

Rob f Dodoria - Big Pinky

following up with the series, showdown released the alien type characters. there are frieza, zarbon, and today's card, dodoria. starting off with the stats, its a lv 1 with a PUR of 5. this is very good for a level 1. it also has decent power stages, doing up to 5 cards damage. now instead of an attack, it has a constant effect, which if an energy attack does damage, you can remove a event or support from your opponent's discards. this effect can be very useful, because it can hurt the major stradegys of some decks or keep the opponent away from key cards. however the effect only works for energy attacks. this setback can be fixed by his named event (empowered rage). now for uses, you can use him with his alien allies. as for deck types, a freestyle deck using mainly energy attacks might be the best, but other than that, its worth testing with any of the masterys.

Musashi Dodoria, Big Pinky
Common, #15 DBZ TCG Showdown

PL: 0- 10,000 by 1,000
CONSTANT- After one of your energy attacks deals damage, you may remove from the game a Combat Event or Support in your opponent's discard pile.

Ummmm, Dodoria? That was my first thought when I saw this card, but then I read its effect. Remember Raditz lv 1 from Arrival? This is him in Showdown. The ability to remove a Support or Event from the game is a useful tool against any deck, but mainly against Blue and Orange. Plus, it's a CONSTANT, meaning that if you run an Energy based deck you'll get to abuse this card. Aliens also have good ally support and a great team set-up, but I'd really rather play Freeza. That aside, Dodoria is an excellent choice for an MP that hates Supports.

Musashi's Rating: 4.3/5.0


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