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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

Orange Phone Call


Card Ratings
Average Score: 2.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.03.06


Mr. Buu


Orange Phone Call



1: CONSTANT – Once per turn, during your Attack Phase, you may discard a card from your hand to put an Orange Styled Support from your discards into your hand.

And now to kick off the New Year (Happy New Year everybody, hope 2006 is great). We get this card… One the surface it looks like a great card for Orange seeing as how Orange got a lot of Supports. This however, is a card you really only need to run if you have the space and need filler. Really, you shouldn’t have to worry about using this cards effect much. Mainly because Orange already has cards to get supports back and put them into play and the Mastery itself stops your opponent from discarding Constant Supports. That leaves ones that you play and don’t have a way of getting back. After doing some research however, the only two Non-Constant Orange Style Supports are removed from the game and one of which is limited one per deck. Furthermore, Orange Destruction owns this card (one of the two Non-Constant Supports). Basically, this is a card that is too redundant for it’s own good. You see, Orange Destruction does almost the same thing except for it’s effect occurs when the support is discarded as a life card of damage and the support gets put into play. Choice of words is put into play. So you get to actually play the support for free more or less. I’ll take that versus discarding a card to have it take up space. Overall, Orange has enough constant supports that you should not miss this card. If you do, however, need the filler then feel free to throw this card into your deck. Despite the downsides, you could end up using it as a more limited Orange Destruction.

Rating: 2/5 (Too many better cards that should be run)
Rob f Orange Phone Call

so far, orange is one of the weaker mastery that DBZ has to offer. It has the weakest mastery effect and the way of play for the decktype revolves more around supports than attacks. today's card goes good with that theme. you can use an action to grab an orange support from your discards if you discard a card from your hand. Depending on your situation, this card can be nice, where as others it might not be helpful. It can cycle out useless supports for more useful ones and be used as a way to revive the most powerful ones like dinner, lookout and stance. like most orange supports, this card's effect is constant, which is nice for this card's cost of 1 stage. although somewhat situational, this card could easily be played in 2's or 3's.

AJC468 Orange Phone Call: Constant - Once during your turn during your Attack Phase, you may discard a card from your hand to put an Orange styled Support from your discards into your hand.

Orange. The only style I have yet to really experiment with. Something about it just seems to turn me away, and the whole prospect of relying on one card (Orange Dinner) to win the game is not very appealing. Needless to say, I don't like Orange, but when the telephone rings someone has to answer it...

Okay, that was terrible. On with the COTD...

Orange Phone Call. This card has me leaping for joy. Not really. The thing about Orange is that it wants to play its supports for free, via Orange Dinner or other cards with similiar effects, but this card puts a support into your hand instead of in play. Now this is a nice combo with Orange Mentoring, and it does give Orange yet another way to get Dinner back lest it get discarded, but this is not one of the style's many staples by any means.

The Final Verdict:

Provided you have the room, Orange Phone Call is worth a consideration with its low cost and fairly high usefulness late game, but please remember to use in moderation. There are plenty of worse cards you could run in Orange, yet there are also plenty of better ones. Most decks could stand to run a single copy, but three is generally out of the question.
GDK Orange phone call
One of the less useful Orange cards in the game. Putting supports from your discard pile into your hand during combat is not a good use of a card from your hand. I cannot foresee this card being used too much, as there are better choices to get supports from your discard pile, and they even put them into play for you. 1.5/5
Musashi Orange Phone Call
DBZ TCG Showdown Set

1: CONSTANT- Once per turn during your Attack Phase, you may discard a card from your hand to put an Orange style Support from your discards in to your hand.

Happy New Year!!! Let's start off this year the right way: with a great card to review!

Orange Phone Call is one of those "DUH!!!" cards. Meaning that if I look at an Orange deck list and see this card, I will say "DUH!!!" It's a pretty straight-up Support puller. And seeing as there is a TON of Support hate, and that Orange equals a strong support deck, this card has earned the "Staple" status.

Musashi's Rating: 5.0/5.0


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