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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

Launch's Catering


Card Ratings
Average Score: 2.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.28.06

AJC468 Launch's Catering

(Remove from the game after use.) 2: You may shuffle up to 3 Freestyle cards from your discards into your life deck.

Launch's Catering is an interesting card, but any use it might have had is underminded by the requirement that Launch must be either your MP or one of your allies.  Yes, every named card is the same way, but at least some of them actually work with the personality they are named after.


Q: Should I run Launch's ally in order to use Launch's Catering?

A: No, Launch's ally is terrible.


Q: How about Launch's Catering with Launch as an MP?

A: No, the benefits gained by Launch's Catering are not worth wasting 2 stages and 3 cards of deck space.  Not to mention that shuffling in freestyle supports keeps you from retrieving them with her power, and Launch's finisher already puts itself on top of your deck after use.


Q: Does Launch's Catering have anything going for it?  Anything at all?

A: Well, there are far worse cards you could run over Launch's Catering.  At this stage of the game it qualifies as a "decent" card simply because healing is still rather hard to come by, but "decent" just doesn't cut it most of the time.  A better Launch ally would help things a bit, however.


The Final Verdict:

Piccolo's Regeneration puts this card to shame.  I think I've covered everything else.

Mr. Buu
Launch's Catering
Card Number: 100
Card Type: Combat - Event
Rarity: Rare
Expansion: Showdown
Card Text:
(Remove from the game after use.) 2: You may shuffle up to 3 Freestyle cards from your discards into your life deck.

OH MY GAWD THIS CARD IS OVERLY BROKEN USE IT IN MULTIPLES OF THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111ONE11111!!!!!!111111

Uh, no. Do I have to insult your intelligence and break this card down? Seriously, there are not enough Freestyle cards to make this card worth running, not to mention Launch sucks as an MP and/or Ally. Viable ally I suppose, but still… Not worth running just for this card. Good points? It’s regen. And it’s a rare, so it’s automatically labeled “Trade Bait”.

Stay away. At least until other sets are released. This card eventually might become very good regen. Until then, it should be thrown into your binder. Or whatever it is you use to collect cards.
GDK Launch's Catering

A good card for freestyle regen, but you have to have launch in play to use it, and it requires you to give stages to Launch just to use it. I really don't like this card too much, as Launch personalities are not quite worthy of being used yet.

Justin Cardoza Launch's Catering
Card Number: 100
Card Type: Combat - Event
Rarity: Rare
Expansion: Showdown
Card Text:
(Remove from the game after use.) 2: You may shuffle up to 3 Freestyle cards

from your discards into your life deck.

Well, I'll be reviewing more often now....I went on vacation to good ol'
Hawaii! =)

This card, in my opinion, is one of the better Freestyle cards to be released in the Showdown set. I've even tried playing this as my only ally in my Zarbon Namekian deck to be able to shuffle my finisher's back into my deck if they got discarded. It ended up working quite well.

The bad part about this card, is that it's a Launch named card. Launch is an

extremely tough Ally to play in any deck. Even playing her with a Human deck

is hard, because her damage to cost ratio is worse than Yamcha's. Not to mention Yamcha has a pretty sweet named card....

Still though, this card is worth looking at. 3 cards definitely isn't bad, especially if you're shuffling your finisher's back into your deck....which is primarily what you'd use this card for. Overall, this card has some versatility, but it's just hard to fit into your deck.

Overall: 3.5/5

Art: 5/5 Food! =P

I'll eventually start doing a countdown for Transformation. =)


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