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Saiyan Happiness


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Date Reviewed - 02.24.06


Mr. Buu


Saiyan Happiness
2: CONSTANT – After you paid the cost to perform a Saiyan Styled attack, you may gain 1 stage.

Wow, brokenness. This card is arguably the reason why Saiyan is as broke as it is. With one out, majority of your attacks in a good Saiyan deck are free as long as you have 1 stage. 2 out nets you a stage on the same attacks that were free with 1. 3 out is just plain sick. Then there is Paid Off… That is probably the most sick combination around. Bear in mind that you gain the stages for each Saiyan Happiness seperatly, so with 3 out, you get 6 stages per attack, not 4. I’ve had combats going with one or two Paid Offs, even one where 3 Paid Offs were in effect, boosting the Happiness to a 12 stage gain. This card is the key to infinite stages. Paid Off just makes it worse. You will run this in Saiyan.
AJC468 Saiyan Happiness

2: CONSTANT - After you paid the cost to perform a Saiyan Styled attack, you may gain 1 stage.

There can't be a COTD for Saiyan Happiness without the following disclaimer.  There just can't be.


When using a Saiyan styled deck, you will run Saiyan Happiness.

-End Disclaimer

Now that that is out of the way, perhaps I can tell you something you don't already know.  Saiyan Happiness basically plays itself, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Do not put Saiyan Happiness into play unless you can take advantage of it immediately.  The only exceptions to this rule are when you know for certain that your opponent does not have the means to discard/remove it, or if it is VERY early in the game.  You want to be able to gain at least 1 stage off it, so that you aren't operating at a 2 stage net loss if it is discarded immediately.  Playing it down on YOUR turn, instead of your opponent's, is also advised since you are guaranteed at least one stage from it.

2. Play down a couple at once if possible.  While one Saiyan Happiness is fairly easy to counter, most decks can not handle two if they are played during the same turn.  Perhaps you have 2 in your hand if you've been lucky, or you could always play one down and tutor for the second right away with Saiyan Personal Ki Ball.  Keep in mind that you'll need a few extra stages to spare in order to pull this off and still be able to attack.

3. Taking note from the first two suggestions, it is always a good idea to have plenty of attacks to use with Saiyan Happiness on the turn you play it.  This is your absolute best chance of make use of it before your opponent has a chance to react.  Common sense, yes, but important nonetheless.

The Final Verdict:

Person A plays Saiyan.
Person B also plays Saiyan.
Person A runs Saiyan Happiness.
Person B does not.

Which person requires mental care immediately?  (Multiple choice)

A: Person B
B: Person B
C: Person B
D: Person B

/= Choices, choices...
GDK Saiyan Happiness

Single handedly, this card makes Saiyan go infinite, especially if you have more than one out in play. With a lot of cheap (1 to 2 costing) attacks and Two of these cards in play, you can play most if not all of your hand in one combat and still be as many stages above zero as you were when combat started. This card has staple written on it, and for a good reason. It may be discarded or you may not be able to use it all the time, but it does change the game when it hits the field.



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