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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

Blue Skull Bash


Card Ratings
Average Score: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.22.06


Mr. Buu


Blue Skull Bash
Combat, Physical

(Remove from the game after use) (Physical attack doing 0 damage) 1, Mastery: For this turn you count as having preformed +1 Blue Styled physical attack.

Blue Skull Bash can be fun in a Blue Beats deck. This more or less says that your Blue Styled Physicals do +1 damage for the remainder of combat, but it might change later. 0 Damage is pitiful, but not important at all. It will do at least 2 damage if thrown first in a Blue Deck. Possibly 3 damage depending on who you run, but that’s not bad for a 1. And it makes all of your other attacks do +1 damage too, so not too shabby. I’m not going to get into what it does in freestyle decks because I wouldn’t get past the “it sucks here” part. Basically, I would recommend running this in Blue.
AJC468 Blue Skull Bash

1, Mastery: For this turn, you count as having performed +1 Blue styled physical attack.  (Damage: 0, Physical Attack)

Blue Skull Bash is exactly the kind of physical attack Blue needs in order to make full use of its excellent mastery.  While it will not see play in every type of Blue deck, there really isn't a single other Blue attack that compliments the mastery as well as this one.

Why is this?  It's very simple.  Noting that the Blue mastery increases the damage done by all blue physical attacks by 1 for each you perform, it becomes clear that in order to maximize the effectiveness of the mastery one must perform as many Blue styled physical attacks as possible in a single combat.  This means that while Blue Strength works best with Blue's more expensive attacks, the Blue Mastery itself is better with cheap and inexpensive attacks like Blue Skull Bash.  They cost less meaning you can peform more of them, and the modifier from the mastery increases their damage by a larger percentage since the base damage is so much lower to begin with.

Now take what you've just read and add Blue Skull Bash's effect into the equation.  "For this turn, you count has having performed +1 Blue styled physical attack."  This amounts to a +1 modifier on all blue physical attacks for a turn and provides an inexpensive attack all in the price of one card.  Like the mastery, the more attacks you perform after Blue Skull Bash, the better it gets.  Yet, taking this into consideration, Blue Skull Bash is not perfect by any means.  It is not the kind of card you can throw during a turn and always benefit from it.  It absolutely has to be used in a turn where you can go all out in order for it to truly be effective, yet this isn't always very easy to do.  Being "Remove from the game after use" means you can't reuse it either.  'Tis a shame.

The Final Verdict:

Despite the relatively minor flaw of requiring a bit of setup, Blue Skull bash is perfect for the style it has been created for.  Blue needed more cards that make better use of its mastery, and it has finally started to get them.  Blue Skull Bash won't see play in the more "combo-based" Blue style decks that benefit from support setup and reusing certain key attacks over and over again, but if you are looking for a staple in a Blue cheap beats deck, it doesn't get much better than this.
GDK Blue Skull Bash

This card meets the requirements to be a staple card in Blue cheap beats. This card helps the overall theme of a speedy beatdown deck by doing one thing and doing it well: making cheap attacks do more damage. Played at the beginning of combat makes it do two damage for one stage, and if you want more damage, you could always pop a Blue Cheer before you attack to make it do four damage.



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