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Nappa's Protective Aura


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Average Score: 3

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Date Reviewed - 02.10.06


Mr. Buu


Nappa™'s Protective Aura
0: Prevent 5 damage from an attack. Combat - Event

Ah yes. I won’t beat around the bush, you will run this card in most Saiyan decks and even in some other decks. With Nappa being an amazingly powerful ally to use due to the overflow of powerful Saiyans, you have the option of running his named card. To the card itself. It prevents 5 damage. Not overly amazing, but it can save you. But the catch is, it’s free. That instantly boosts it’s power because of the ability to throw it out as a defense, regardless of your stage amounts. That means that this can literally save you in what would have been a deadly combat. Of course, it’s only 5 damage and it’s Nappa only, but I think this card will survive those two minor details. Bottom line, if you run Nappa at all, you will use this card.
GDK Nappa's Protective Aura

Free prevention is always welcome. You have to have Nappa, but since a number of decks run his ally personality, it doesn't really count as too much of a drawback. What else can I say about the card?



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