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Saiyan Ki Charge


Card Ratings
Average Score: 5

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Date Reviewed - 02.01.06

GDK Saiyan Ki Charge

In a game where you have limited resources(stages,) even a little gain can be phenomenal. And add to it that the Saiyan style can do a lot of cheap attack that do good damage, and this card becomes even more of a boon. It does have 0 damage, though, and with the Saiyan mastery, it does only two damage, but there is a way to get more damage out of it.

Official InuYasha TCG Playtester
Saiyan Ki Charge 235 1: If your discards contain 4 or more Saiyan styled cards, your MP gains 2 stages. Combat - Energy

A cheap way to deal a small amount of damage while gaining a power stage (after you figure in the cost of the attack). It get's even better while you have a "Saiyan Happiness" in play or a "Paid Off" in effect. With the extra power stages you can throw more attacks or even throw off a huge damage, high costed attack like "Goku's Kamehameha" or "Vegeta's Galic Gun". What more can you say? It's essentially a staple card for the deck archetype.

Unfortunately, it's really only for the Saiyan style decks, unless you happen to run a ton of Saiyan style cards in your colorless deck.


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