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Goku, Super Saiyan at Last Lv. 3

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Date Reviewed - 04.28.06


Mr. Buu


Goku, Super Saiyan at Last Lv. 3
PUR: 4
0: You may put into play a Saiyan Style Support from your hand to draw a card.

Goku, the all mighty super saiyan. But is he really all that super? Stay tuned to find out (only if you didn’t read the Frieza review).

Highest power stages, and rightfully so: he’s the strongest character in the show at this point.

PUR of 4 is again great for a Lv. 3, and he should have a good PUR to keep the trend of his all powerfulness going.

And the power is where it falters. For starters it’s free. Can’t be bad if it’s free. Right? RIGHT? Wrong. The ability of playing a support for free and then getting a card out of it is a great idea. Except that the support should not be from your hand. That means that if you do somehow draw the support, you may put it into play and then replace the support;s place in your hand. The amazingly large flaw with this power is that you are screwed if you run a lot of supports, as you risk drawing into another support and you are screwed if you only run Ki Gathering and Happiness because then you aren’t likely to draw into those supports at all. If it wasn’t Saiyan Styled, then it would actually be a highly potent card in Orange.

One of his upbringings is that he does get to abuse Help From the Past properly, but that’s not saying much as the card sucks otherwise. Another is that he is a lot more fun to play than Frieza, so you will enjoy your loss at least…

Simply put, don’t run him except for in a fun deck.
GDK Goku-Super Saiyan at Last

This card isn't too bad. Goku makes more Saiyan styled supports playable with his putting in a Saiyan styled support and drawing a card effect. Add in the fact that all of his base damage is 7 and he has a 4 PUR, and you have a really good Saiyan deck made. It may not be as good as some other Saiyan variants (Piccolo) but he is a pretty solid character for a Saiyan deck



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