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Captain Ginyu’s Milky Cannon


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Date Reviewed - 04.26.06


Mr. Buu


Captain Ginyu’s Milky Cannon

(Energy attack dealing 17 damage; Unstoppable) 7: This attack does +1 damage for each one of your allies that has preformed an attack this combat.

Bleh. Ginyu’s finisher. Simply put, Ginyu is horrible and therefore his finisher is useless. But, let’s step into a world where Piccolo does not exist, where Ginyu is a solid deck type, where Jeice and Burter don’t make Ginyu suck. Then you still have a bleh finisher. This is, at most, a 21 for 7. Even in this world, that is nothing more than a rather large beatstick with a capture effect. It’s a clone of Zarbon’s finisher and can do about as much good. That said, it’s a Unstoppable beatstick, so it’s not that bad. It would see play mainly because of the huge damage it can deal and the fact that it’s unstoppable. Let’s face it, a lot of the weaker finishers see play only because they are unstoppable beatsticks with capture effects.

In short, this will not be able to replace Vegeta’s Galic Gun or Goku’s Spirit Bomb. Hell, this won’t be anywhere near Goku’s Kamehameha either. But it would be run if Ginyu were run, most likely. So, you should not run this card at all. Why? Because you should not run Ginyu (except for the ally, but he doesn’t count)

Now we start the Lv. 3’s from transformation. For those who don’t know and care, they both are not really worth running in the current environment. Therefore, you will understand what the rest of this review and all of Goku’s review will say.



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